The Dashboard module is used to attach a preview of the latest REPORTS into the Control Panel of the Joomla! back-end.

It is possible to access the settings of this module from Extensions > Modules, by searching for "VikSecure Dashboard". Since the module is located in the back-end, it may be mandatory to switch the client dropdown from Site to Administrator before to see the record of the module.

  • Layout - the layout of the module to show. By default, the module supports 2 different layouts: Chart or Latest (described in the sections below).
  • Statistics Range - the time range that the module uses to render the chart (only for Chart layout).
  • List Limit - the maximum number of reports to display in the list, starting from the latest (only for Latest layout).


The Latest layout shows a list of the latest reports registered by VikSecure.

By clicking on the report type (e.g. Country Not Allowed), the system will open the Reports list of the plugin by filtering the records by ID (the one selected).

The Open Interface button is a shortcut to access quickly the interface of the plugin.


The Chart layout renders a graphic containing the latest reports registered by VikSecure. It simply replicates the main functionalities of the Dashboard view.

The Open Interface button is a shortcut to access quickly the interface of the plugin.


This layout helps you checking the security level of your system. This grade is calculated according to the configuration of your VikSecure. As described in the description next to the percentage: it is just an indicative value.

The right side reports a list of suggestions in order to enhance your security level.

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