Payment Gateways

Methods of payment for credit card transactions.
Designed to work with the main Vik extensions on any Joomla website.

Is your preferred payment gateway missing in the list? Contact us because we may have developed it already.


Integration for Stripe Checkout (Hosted method).

70 €

Stripe Elements

Integration for Stripe Elements (Seamless method).

70 €


Integration for SquareUp (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for QuickPay (Hosted method).

70 €

Mollie API

Integration for Mollie API (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for RedSys (Hosted method).

70 €

Nets Easy

Integration for Nets Easy (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for Opayo by Elavon (Hosted method).

70 €

Piraeus Bank

Integration for Piraeus Bank (Hosted)

70 €
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