Login Events

In this section are listed all the browsers that made a successful login into the administrator section of the website. Every time an unknown browser completes the login, the owner of the account used will receive a notification e-mail containing the description of the login.

From that mail, it is be possible to authorize or to block the browser used to access the back-end.

The authorized browsers are marked as safe, they are allowed to access the back-end without sending any e-mail notification to the account owner.

The blocked browsers are marked as unsafe, the IP used to login is inserted in the internal blacklist. Every time you block an unknown browser, it is suggested to change the password of the account used.

The remaining browsers (the ones with the question mark) are marked as unknown, they are allowed to access the back-end but the account owner will receive always a notification e-mail.

It is possible to search the login events by IP address or username.
With the Search Tools it is possible to filter the login events by status (unsafe/safe).

  • Agent - the user agent used to login. The agent is composed by: browser name, browser long version and platform.
  • IP - the IP address of the connection used by the browser.
  • User - the username used to complete the login.
  • Unsafe/Safe - the status of the browser.
  • Created - when the login was made.


By clicking on the Agent link of a login event, it will be possible to change its status (e.g. to approve or to block that browser).

When it is needed to approve a login event already marked as unsafe, it is required also to remove the related IP address from the blacklist of the plugin.

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