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Vik Rent Items

Vik Rent Items

Admin (es-MX)
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Preferred Countries Ordering Double click to add Details
The Preferred Countries are used to build input fields to collect phone numbers. These countries are taken from the installed languages on your website, and they will be used to display some countries at the top of the list next to each input field of type phone number. Double click to add Details
Save & New Double click to add Details
Selecting no week days equals to selecting all 7 week days Double click to add Details
The name of this pricing rule. Visible only if "Promotion" enabled. Can be left empty Double click to add Details
If disabled, the pricing rule will be applied on the selected range of dates regardless of the year Double click to add Details
If enabled, the rule will be applied only if the pick-up date for the rental is included in the range of dates Double click to add Details
Make this pricing rule a "Promotion" to display it in the front-end booking process Double click to add Details
The (optional) information/description text of your promotion Double click to add Details
A range of dates is mandatory to create a promotion Double click to add Details
If this value is set to a number greater than zero, this promotion will be valid only for early bookings. If you need to apply the promotion only to those who book N days in advance, then you should set the number of days in advance from the apposite input field. Otherwise, you should keep this setting to 0. This setting is not for Last Minute promotions, but rather for Early Bird promotions. Double click to add Details
Last Minute validity Double click to add Details
If you are willing to apply discounts only to last minute bookings, then you should provide a number of days and/or hours for the validity of the promotion. If the time remaining to the pickup from the booking date is less than the limit you defined, the promotion will be applied. Double click to add Details
Force minimum length of rent Double click to add Details
Apply on items final cost Double click to add Details
This setting will determine how the promotion will be applied onto the items costs Double click to add Details
All special pricing rules are applied on the items base costs as a cumulative charge or discount even in case of multiple rules applied on the same rental dates. This algorithm follows the OpenTravel (OTA) standards, and here is an example of how two special pricing rules are typically applied on the bases costs to obtain the final price:<br/><br/><ul><li>Item base cost = 80/day</li><li>Reservation for 3 days</li><li>One Special Price sets a charge of 20/day to obtain a cost of 100/day</li><li>One Last-Minute promotion applies a 10% off</li></ul><br/><strong>Calculation of final price</strong><br/><ul><li>1st day (80 + 20 - 8) = 92</li><li>2nd day (80 + 20 - 8) = 92</li><li>3rd day (80 + 20 - 8) = 92</li><li><u>Final price</u> 92 * 3 = 276</li></ul><br/>With this default calculation method, the 10% off promotion has been applied cumulatively on the item base cost for each day affected.<br/>If the parameter <i>Apply on items final cost</i> was enabled, the calculation would be performed with the following method:<br/><ul><li>1st day (80 + 20) = 100</li><li>2nd day (80 + 20) = 100</li><li>3rd day (80 + 20) = 100</li><li><u>Final price before promotion</u> 100 * 3 = 300</li><li><u>Promotion applied on final cost</u> 300 - 10% = 270</li></ul><br/>You should choose the calculation method that best fits your needs. Applying promotions on the final price for specific dates is usually more handy, but you can choose to adopt the default calculation method like for all the other special pricing rules. Double click to add Details
Restrictions Double click to add Details
Vik Rent Items - Restrictions Double click to add Details
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