With this tutorial you can add a custom method of payment to VikRentCar.

First of all, create a file called my_payment_method.php and upload it into the folder /administrator/components/com_vikrentcar/payments/

defined('_JEXEC') OR die('Restricted Area');

class vikRentCarPayment {
	private $order_info;
	public function __construct ($order) {
	public function showPayment () {
		/** See the code below to build this method */
	public function validatePayment () {
		/** See the code below to build this method */

The method showPayment() of the object VikRentCarPayment is invoked every time a user visits the standby-order page. Make this method write the form that sends data to your gateway. The method can use the values contained in the array $order_info to build the form. This is what the array contains, then follow the example of the methods showPayment() and validatePayment() to build your own class:

$order_info = array (
	'account_name' => 'Payments Account', /** Configuration Setting */
	'transaction_currency' => 'Currency Code', /** Configuration Setting */
	'vehicle_name' => 'Car Name', 
	'transaction_name' => 'Payment Transaction Name', /** Configuration Setting */
	'order_total' => 'Order Total',
	'currency_symb' => 'Currency Symbol', /** Configuration Setting */
	'net_price' => 'Net Price',
	'tax' => 'Tax',
	'return_url' => 'Return Url', /** This is where the Gateway should redirect */
	'error_url' => 'Error Url', /** The Gateway should redirect here in case of error */
	'notify_url' => 'Notify Url', /** The Gateway should send data back to this link */
	'total_to_pay' => 'Total to Pay', /** Including payments charge */
	'total_net_price' => 'Total Net Price', /** Including payments charge without tax */
	'total_tax' => 'Total Tax', /** Tax of Total to Pay */
	'leave_deposit' => 'Leave a Deposit', /** It can be 0 or 1 */
	'percentdeposit' => 'Percentage of Deposit', /** Integer or decimal without % */
	'payment_info' => array(
						'name' => 'Name of Payment',
						'note' => 'Note',
						'charge' => 'Charge or Discount'

/** This is how the method showPayment() can access the array */

public function showPayment () {
	$form="<form action=\"https://yourbankgateway\" method=\"post\">";
	$form.="<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"your_post_data\" value=\"".$this->order_info['total_to_pay']."\"/>";
	$form.="<input type=\"submit\" name=\"_submit\" value=\"Pay Now!\"/>";
	echo $form;


/** This is an example of the method validatePayment 
 *  that should return an array containing the 
 *  information of the Gateway response */

public function validatePayment () {
	$array_result = array();
	$array_result['verified'] = 0;
	$array_result['tot_paid'] = ''; /** This value will be saved in the DB */
	/** In case of error the log will be sent by email to the admin */
	/** Process your gateway response here */
	if($success) {
		$array_result['verified'] = 1;
		/** Set a value for $log */
		/** Set a value for $array_result['tot_paid'] */
	$array_result['log'] = $log;
	/** Return the array to VikRentCar */
	return $array_result;

/** This is an example of the method afterValidation 
 *  that should just redirect the user or the gateway
 *  to the order page showing an error message or success.
 *  This method is only needed in case the task that verifies the payment
 *  (notify_url) must write an output. Gateways for seamless transactions
 *  always need this method */
public function afterValidation ($esit = 0) {
	$redirect_url = 'index.php?option=com_vikrentcar&task=vieworder&sid='.$this->order_info['sid'].'&ts='.$this->order_info['ts'];
	if($esit < 1) {
		$responsetxt = ""; 
		//Your error message, retrieve it from the session or with a method that retrieves a class variable
		//that was stored by the method validatePayment()
		JError::raiseWarning('', (strlen(trim($responsetxt)) > 0 ? $responsetxt.'<br/>' : '').'The payment was not verified, please try again');
	}else {
		$app =& JFactory::getApplication();
		$app->enqueueMessage('Thank you! The payment was verified successfully');
	$mainframe =& JFactory::getApplication();


You are now able to create the payment from the administrator side of VikRentCar.

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