Vik Channel Manager

Connect your own website to the most popular OTAs with a true Channel Manager.
89 €
Version 1.8.28
Requirements Joomla 3/4/5
  Price is one-time payment with no domain restrictions and no needed License Keys. This is a downloadable product that contains the installer zip file for the Joomla Extension. An active e4jConnect Subscription is required to connect the desired channels on one website. Vik Booking must be installed and configured on the same website.
Please visit for further details.

Some of the channels available with Vik Channel Manager:

Vik Channel Manager -
Vik Channel Manager - Airbnb
Vik Channel Manager - Expedia
Vik Channel Manager - Google Hotel
Vik Channel Manager - TripAdvisor
Vik Channel Manager - VRBO

The first and only native Channel Manager for Joomla

Vik Channel Manager is a complementary extension of Vik Booking. It's certified and fully PCI-DSS Compliant.

Automatize channel sinchronization

1. Automatize everything

Reduce the management costs by letting the Channel Manager automatize everything. Say goodbye to overbooking.

Automatically increase or lower your rates depending on the availability.

A channel manager installed on your website

2. Installed on your website

Use the power of Joomla to combine Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager on your own website.

Beware of false Channel Manager software by adopting a reliable and certified solution for your business.

Save time and focus on your business

3. Focus on Your Business

The Channel Manager will save you time, money and headaches by keeping the reservations and the availability synced across all channels.

Simplify the whole flow and focus on other aspects of your company.

Real-time sync for Reservations, Availability, Rates and more APIs

Use your website to manage all channels

The Booking Engine extension Vik Booking will handle all of your direct reservations meanwhile thanks to Vik Channel Manager, you can now interface your own Joomla website with online booking channels such as, Expedia, AirBnB, TripAdvisor and more.

A real Channel Manager supports API connections

Only certified providers listed as software partners by OTAs can offer a true Channel Manager service. Vik Channel Manager is the only native extension currently available for Joomla websites. Beware of fake and unreliable calendar synchronizations offered by other extensions!

Ranked as a Premier Partner of since 2018

e4jConnect winner Best Innovation award of

e4jConnect is the winner of the "Best Innovation" Connectivity Partner Award 2020 of

How to synchronize Joomla website with channel manager

This is all you need:

* an active e4jConnect subscription is required to connect the desired channels to one Joomla website.

Vik Booking extension for Joomla STEP 1: Vik Booking

Our booking engine extension must be installed and configured on your website. Create your rooms, rate plans and prices.

Vik Channel Manager for Joomla STEP 2: Vik Channel Manager

Install our Channel Manager extension which interfaces your own website with various booking channels.

Purchase e4jConnect subscription STEP 3: e4jConnect Subscription

Choose the channels you wish to connect with and get the "API key" to enable them in the Channel Manager extension*.

The purchase of the two extensions VikBooking and Vik Channel Manager is a one-time fee for one website with unlimited access to free updates and support. The only recurring cost is the e4jConnect subscription, necessary to keep the connection active with the various channels. Costs change depending on the number of room units of your property, on the number and type of channels you wish to connect, as well as on the duration of the subscription, where the yearly plans are, proportionally, the most convenient ones.
Visit our dedicated website at for more details. You can simulate the final costs per year by adding to the cart the desired channels.

The main advantages of Vik Channel Manager

Vik Channel Manager is a component for Joomla that can interface your own Hotel website with online booking channels (Expedia,, Instant Booking by Tripadvisor etc) and external meta search services (TripConnect, Trivago Meta Search). Vik Channel Manager allows the communication with the Booking Engine for your website (Vik Booking) as well as the synchronization of Hotel rooms availability, related services and rates.

Vik Channel Manager - Rooms Relations
Vik Channel Manager - Availability Overview

Having the same rooms availability on your website and all the channels connected is probably the main reason why accommodations need a channel manager. This is important to avoid annoying cases of overbooking. Manual updates could lead to errors and the synchronization would never be made in real-time if this had to be managed by a human.

With Vik Channel Manager you can choose to upload rates to the channels, equal or different from the ones on your website. The administrator section of the channel manager lets you manage all rates with “Bulk Requests” for large ranges of dates or through manual updates of individual room rates for certain channels.

Vik Channel Manager - Rates Inventory Bulk

Requirements to get started

  1. 1.

    Vik Booking

    This Booking Engine + PMS extension should be installed on your Joomla website and configured with some rooms and rates. It's designed to work with Vik Channel Manager.
  2. 2.

    Vik Channel Manager

    This is the "twin brother/extension", and it should be installed on the same website next to Vik Booking. It will provide all the functions to set up the connections with the various channels.
  3. 3.

    e4jConnect subscription

    An e4jConnect API Key is required to activate, configure and connect the desired channels.
Vik Channel Manager - Synchronize otas channels

The only recurring cost with our solution is the one for keeping the e4jConnect API Key active for the desired channels.
The purchase of the two necessary extensions Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager is a one-time fee with unlimited access to free updates and support.

Some of the channels available: Hotel Channel Manager
airbnb Hotel Channel Manager
Expedia Hotel Channel Manager
Google Hotel Channel Manager Joomla
Agoda Hotel Channel Manager
Trip Advisor TripConnect Hotel Channel Manager
Vrbo Hotel Channel Manager
holiday lettings Hotel Channel Manager Hotel Channel Manager Hotel Channel Manager
PitchUp Camping Channel Manager
flipkey Hotel Channel Manager
Hostelworld Hostel Channel Manager Joomla
Mobile App Channel Manager




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