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Vik Rent Car

Vik Rent Car

vikrentcar - Extensions for Joomla
Version 1.13
Last Release November 27th 2019
J3.X C M
€ 120

Trusted by large and small companies

Vik Rent Car is a powerful software designed for both large and small car rental companies. The system supports multiple offices/locations from which your customers can pick up and drop off the vehicles. Smaller companies with just one office can just not configure any Location.

With over 8 years of experience, Vik Rent Car is a software trusted by a lot of agencies of well-known brands for car rental. The system can be easily integrated with your own client-side software to synchronize the orders and the availability of the cars, thanks to the XML-Export functions.

The extension can be installed on any existing Joomla website running any kind of Template. The Server Requirements of VikRentCar are the same as your Joomla version. Linux-based Servers are preferred to Windows Servers but not required.
It is recommended to have the mb_strings support enabled on your PHP.INI Configuration as well as the GD Libraries.

The extensions supports Multiple Languages, including Right-To-Left ones. However, only the Gregorian Calendar is supported but it is possible to define the first day of the week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday etc..) to be used for any calendar to fit the habits of any country.

By purchasing VikRentCar you will get the main extension and all the modules that you see in the demo website such as the search module, the itinerary module, cars list etc...

Some agencies of these well-known Brands are using our extension for their business.

VikRentCar - Hertz
VikRentCar - Europcar
VikRentCar - Sixt
VikRentCar - Budget
VikRentCar - Thrifty
VikRentCar - Avis

Vehicles Management

Vik Rent Car - locations view

Vehicles can be assigned to different Categories or Groups of cars. One vehicle can also be assigned to multiple categories. This function will let you list separately your cars in the front-end site.
A similar association is available for the Locations on which the cars can be picked up or dropped off. Your offices/locations will be listed in the front-end within a Google Map in case you provide their latitude and longitude points.

Use HTML code or load any Joomla Module within the Description field of your vehicles. Cars can have a main picture and also some extra images that will be displayed as a slideshow-gallery in the front-end.

Manage the Characteristics of your vehicles to give your customers additional information about the number of passengers, the transmission type, number of doors etc..

Through the Options it is possible to let the customers choose additional services like a GPS, Baby Seat or a Ski Rack. Options can have a daily cost or a fixed price. It is also possible to configure the options as free.

Vik Rent Car - Car options and characteristics
Vik Rent Car - Car Calendars

In case you have more than one unit for the same model of car, it is recommended to only create one car type and set the number of units available for that model. This way the system will be able to calculate the remaining availability of a certain vehicle on certain dates, depending on how many reservations were made for those dates.

Each car will be displayed in the front-end with its own availability calendar supporting different statuses such as Available, Not Available and Partially Reserved (when some of the units of the car have been booked but some are still available. This status can be turned off from the Configuration).

Logs and Damages

Create as many Distinctive Features as you want for your Cars: License Plate, Mileage and Fuel In are the default features but you can create your own data to be kept updated.

For example, if you have 5 Units available of your Car "Group A: Nissan", you can specify the License Plate, Fuel In etc.. for each of those 5 Units. Additionally, you can literally draw and describe the Damages of that specific car.

Once a customer will place a rental order for that Car you will be able to assign the specific unit with that specific License Plate. By using the Customer Check-In Function, a PDF file will be generated and it will report the current status of the car with the Damages that you have drawn. In fact, the system turns that draw into a real PNG file (customizable). By printing that PDF file you will be able to let your customer sign the contract.
Vik Rent Car - Car Distinctive

Powerful and Flexible Pricing System
Vik Rent Car - Pricing System

The pricing system of Vik Rent Car is the key of its popularity.
Daily, Weekly and Monthly costs can be configured as well as Hourly costs for rentals shorter than 24 hours.
It is also possible to configure Charges for the Extra Hours, for those rentals that exceed the day-limit. For example, it is possible to apply a charge to a rental of 3 days and 6 hours for the 6 extra hours.

  • Seasonal Prices: you can alter your default rental costs on some seasons of the year (Low, Middle, High etc..) depending on the arrival/departure date and also depending on the duration of the rent. Additional filters are available such as the week-day filter.

    Adjust your prices to any festivity/holiday/season of the year, create promotions for early bird bookings and much more.
Vik Rent Car - Seasons Pricing
Vik Rent Car - Locations Additional Fees
  • Different Types of Price/Insurance: create one or more insurance types for your cars and use different costs. It's easy to configure all your types of insurance such as Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) etc..
  • Additional charges can be applied to the rental cost through the Pickup-Drop Off Location Fees and Pickup-Drop Off Out of Working Hours.
  • Tax Rates: assign different tax rates to your types of price and override the default rates depending on the Location chosen for Pickup-Drop Off. This function is very useful for those companies that have offices in different regions/countries with different tax rates.
  • Deposit/Caution: it is possible to configure the system to ask the users to leave a deposit to Confirm the rental order. The deposit is a percentage value of the order total that will have to be paid in advance to confirm the reservation. The remaining balance can then be paid upon arrival.
    Cautions can be requested even at the time of booking and they can be configured through the Options.
Vik Rent Car - Deposit

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