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Integration for 2Checkout (Hosted)

70 €

Mollie API

Integration for Mollie API (Hosted method).

70 €

Nets Easy

Integration for Nets Easy (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for Opayo by Elavon (Hosted method).

70 €

PaymentSense - Connect E

Integration for PaymentSense Connect E (Seamless method).

70 €

Piraeus Bank

Integration for Piraeus Bank (Hosted)

70 €


Integration for QuickPay (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for RedSys (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for SquareUp (Hosted method).

70 €


Integration for Stripe Checkout (Hosted method).

70 €

Stripe Elements

Integration for Stripe Elements (Seamless method).

70 €

Template Adventures

Modern and responsive template for Car Rentals activities.
Compatible with Vik Rent Car.

50 €

Template Drivers

Modern Responsive Template for any kind of Vehicles rental agency.
Compatible with Vik Rent Car.

40 €

Template MediCenter

Modern Responsive Templates for any kind of business based on appointments, schedules, agendas for the VikAppointments.

50 €

Template Pasta & Pizza

Modern and responsive template for Restaurants and Take Aways activities.
Compatible with Vik Restaurants.

50 €

Template Plaza

Hotel Booking Template for Hotels, B&B, Hostels, Apartments.
Compatible with Vik Booking.

50 €

Template Seasons

Modern Responsive Template for Hotels, B&B, Hostels, Apartments.
Compatible with Vik Booking.

40 €

Vik Appointments

Schedule appointments for any kind of business. Manage calendars, employees and services.

109 €

Vik Booking

Famous, certified and powerful booking engine for Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels and Apartments.

149 €

Vik Channel Manager

Connect your own website to the most popular OTAs with a true Channel Manager.

89 €

Vik Content Slider

Create slideshows with one background image.

Vik Counter

With this module you can create as many counter you want.

Vik Events

Manage various events, generate tickets and display interactive seating charts with Vik Events.

109 €

Vik Google Maps

Render Google Maps with Markers placed for your locations.

Vik Icons

With this module you can display any kind of icons within a block.

Vik Rent Car

Popular and powerful software designed for both large and small car rental companies.

129 €

Vik Rent Items

Multiple items booking system for rentals. Manage items of any kind with a powerful fares system.

109 €

Vik Restaurants

Build a complete table reservations system for your restaurant and manage take-away orders.

109 €

Vik Secure

Protect and clean up your Joomla website from hackers and malware.

29 €
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