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The Restaurant section of VikRestaurants contains the Rooms, the Tables, the Tables Maps, the Menus, the Products and the Reservations.

All the features contained in this section are used to build and manage the reservation system of your restaurant.


In this task you can manage the rooms/areas that your restaurant might have. Even if you want to disable the choice of the rooms/areas in the search page, you have to create at least one room/area.

  • Name - the name of the room.
  • Description - the extended html description displayed in the room details in the search result page.
  • Published - this option must be enabled if you want to receive reservations for the tables on this room.
  • Image - the rooms can have a background image. The image will be displayed only whether the program allows the customers to choose a table.
Rooms Closures

The Rooms Closures are used to unpublish automatically some rooms on certain periods of the year. In example the "Garden" area could be closed from 21st September to the 21st March.

The rooms can be also closed on a single day for some hours. This function is usually used to block reservations on certain rooms when they are almost full.

  • Room - the room to close.
  • Closed From - the starting date-time to close the room. Specify Date, Hours and Minutes.
  • Closed To - the ending date-time to close the room. Specify Date, Hours and Minutes.

With this task you can create the tables of your restaurant in a non-graphic way. You can create tables only if exists at least one room. Even if you want to disable the possibility to choose tables in the search page, you have to create all the tables of your restaurant in order to build a correct availability system.

The tables created from this page will be placed on the map following a grid layout.

  • Name - the name of the table.
  • Minimum Capacity - the minimum number of people that this table can host.
  • Maximum Capacity - the maximum number of people that this table can host.
  • Can be Shared - multiple reservations will be accepted for this table at the same date and time. If this option is enabled, the table will be available for a number of people smaller than Maximum Capacity minus current number of people. When you have some near tables that can be merged, you should create only one shared table with the sum of their Maximum Capacity.
  • Published - enable this option if the table can be booked from the front-end. Even if this option is disabled, the table is still bookable from the back-end.
  • Room/Area - assign the room/area of this table.
Tables Maps

The Tables Maps page helps you to create your restaurant map (with all the tables) and to manage all the reservations graphically.

Before all, you have to pick a room from the apposite dropdown to see how it looks like.

By using date and time filters you will see the occupancy of your tables at the selected time. 

Vik Restaurants - Table Maps

Reservations Management
  • Select a Room - Choose the room to display its map. The selected room will be stored in the session to be available also after a page refresh.
  • Reservation Search - Choose the date, time and people to see the reservations search result. The tables available will be shown with a green border, while the tables already reserved (or without compatible capacity), will be displayed with a red border.
Tables Appearance & Actions

Vik Restaurants -  Tables Appearance & Actions

  • Reserve - to reserve an available table, click on Reserve link. You will be redirect to the Reservation Management page with the selected date, time, people and table already filled in the creation form.
  • Change Table - to move the reservation of a table to another table click on Change Table link. If you can't move a reservation, it means that the destination table has just been reserved or the old table doesn't have a reservation at this date and time. You can move a reservation of a standard table to a shared table, but not viceversa.
  • Details - open the details of the reservation in a different tab of your browser.
Map Customization

To customize a room graphically you have to select a room and click the Edit button on the top-left side.

  • Add New Table - press the "Add New Table" button to create and insert a new table on the map. The table will be created with these default values: Name = t[TABLE INDEX+1], Min Capacity = 2, Max Capacity = 4, Can Be Shared = false, Room = Current Room/Area, Position x(left) = 40+offset_left, Position y(top) = 40+offset_top, Width = 90, Height = 90, Rotation = 0°, Background Color(HEX) = #A1988D. These default values can be changed from the properties of the map. Each time you add a new table, the program tries to place it following a Grid Structure.
  • Clone Table - press the "Clone Table" button to activate the cloning feature. Click on a table to clone it or re-click on the clone button to deactivate the cloning action. The cloned table will be displayed over the original one with a hash before the name.
  • Align Horizontally - press the "Align Horizontally" button to activate this feature. Click on a table to choose it, then click on a second table to set the same vertical position to the first table. You can see the preview simply moving the cursor above any table.
  • Align Vertically - press the "Align Vertically" button to activate this feature. Click on a table to choose it, then click on a second table to set the same horizontal position to the first table. You can see the preview simply moving the cursor above any table.
  • Delete Table - to remove a table click on the "X" link on the top-left side. A modal box will be displayed to confirm the action.
  • Options - set the options of the table through the apposite modal box. You can change Name, Capacity & Can-Be-Shared options. Apply command confirms the selected options, the Cancel command restores the previous values. You can open only one options modal box per time.
  • Properties - set the properties of the table through the apposite modal box. You can change Position, Size, Rotation & Background Color. Apply command confirms the selected properties, the Cancel command restores previous values. You can open only one properties modal box per time.
  • Move Table - you can move a table manually by dragging it.
  • Resize Table - you can resize a table by dragging the icon on the bottom-right corner.
  • Map Height - to increase or decrease map height there are two buttons below the map. Increase command adds 50 pixel to the height of the map. Decrease command removes 50 pixel from the height of the map.
  • Save Work - if you are satisfied of your work, click the save button, otherwise click cancel to restore the previous map (you cannot retrieve the latest changes). If you change the map size and press save button, the new height will be stored. Every map can have a own height.

Vik Restaurants - Edit Map

Map Properties

You can access to the map properties from the "Settings" icon on the right side above the map.

  • Name Prefix - the new tables will be created with the selected prefix.
  • Start Pos X - the left coordinate for the first tables of each row in the map.
  • Start Pos Y - the top coordinate for the first table in the map.
  • Table Min Width - the minimum width of a new table.
  • Table Min Height - the minimum height of a new table.
  • Width per Person - the width of a table is calculated as: (people-2)/2*width_per_people. If the resulting width is less than minimum width, the minimum width will be taken.
  • Height per Person - if you have specified the minimum height, you can ignore this field.
  • Horizontal Spacing - the horizontal distance from the previous table.
  • Vertical Spacing - the vertical distance from the row above.
  • Map Width - the maximum width of the map. Every time you add a table, if there is enough space, it will be added on the right of the previous table, otherwise it will be placed on a new line.
  • Map Height - the maximum height of the map.
  • Display Next - if you enable this option, a ghost table will display where the next table will be placed.
  • Apply - only the next tables will be affected from these properties.
  • Apply To All - all the tables will be affected from these properties.
  • Restore - the properties will be reverted to the factory settings. To apply the changes is required to press the Apply or Apply to All button.

Vik Restaurants - Map properties


The available meals on your restaurant. The meals created can be used to build the menus of your restaurant.

These products can be also added to the bill of the restaurant reservations.

The system supports also the hidden products, which can be used to create temporary (or custom) items that should be added to a certain reservation bill (e.g. tips, service, water and so on...).

  • Name - the name of the meal (translatable).
  • Description - an optional HTML description of the meal (translatable).
  • Price - the base price of the meal.
  • Published - enable this option to show the meal on all the menus that own it.
  • Image - the image of the meal (JPEG images are recommended).
  • Add Variation - click this button to add a new variation of the meal. Fill the name and the additional price of the variation to add it correctly.


If you want to show on your site the menus of your restaurant, you can create them through this task.

You can insert the meals in a menu only if you have already created some products first.

  • Name - the name of the Menu (translatable).
  • Description - an optional HTML description of the menu (translatable).
  • Published - enable this option if you want to show this menu on the Menus List page in the front-end.
  • Choosable - enable this option if you want to allow customers to pre-selet this menu during the Search step (the Choosable Menus setting in the configuration MUST be enabled too).
  • Special Day - if your menu is visible only for certain special days, enable this option. You can skip working shift(s) and day(s) filter selection, because they can be configured by the Special Day parameters.
  • Working Shift(s) - choose from the dropdown the working shift(s) that you want add (only if the Opening Time Mode is Shifted). If your menu is available for every working shift you can leave this field blank.
  • Day(s) Filter - choose from the dropdown the day(s) that you want add. If your menu is available in every week day you can leave this field blank.
  • Image - the image of this menu. If you don't specify an image, a default image will be always used.

Vik Restaurants - Menu product


The sections are used as subcategories of a menu. Before to insert any product, you have to create at least one section.

  • Section Name - the name of the section (translatable). You can toggle (show/hide) a section by clicking on the title label.
  • Section Description - an optional HTML description of the section (translatable).
  • Section Published - enable this option if you want to show the section and all the related products.
  • Section Highlight - enable this option if you want to insert a "fast link" to this section in the menu breadcrumb.
  • Section Image - the image of the section.
  • Add Products - to add a product to this section click the Add Product button to display the apposite smart dropdown (containing all the products). Search the product that you want to add and just select it. Then it will be added on the list of the items, with a dotted blue border.
  • Product Charge - the price field near the product name is the charge of the product. If you want to use a different price for the same product in different menus, you can specify here a negative/positive charge to apply to the base cost of the product. In example, Seafood Spaghetti may have a base cost of 6.50 €. You can add this product to the lunch menu without charge and then you can add the same product to the dinner menu with a 3.50 € additional charge, so that for dinner it will cost 10.00 €.

Vik Restaurants - Sections


In case the menu details page in the front-end seems to be a bit strange, make sure the sections and the products of the menu are published correctly.

You can check the status of a menu by clicking the preview icon from the menus list in the back-end. This button will open a modal box containing the status (published or not) of each section and product assigned to this menu.

Vik Restaurants - Menus Preview Icon

Vik Restaurants - Menus Preview Modal


All the restaurant reservations stored from your customers are visible from this page.
The list of the reservations can be filtered by customer name/mail, order number/key, coupon code, status, date and working shift (only if enabled).

From this page you can create offline reservations (for example reservations upcoming via telephone) in order to maintain the availability of your tables updated.

Vik Restaurants - Reservations List

  • Date - the day of the reservation. After the selection of the date, the system will re-calculate automatically the available times.
  • Time - the time of the reservation. Click the icon next to this option to check all the closest reservations. Click the icon to increase/decrease the time of stay for this reservation. By default the time of stay is given by the apposite setting in the configuration.
  • People - the number of people for the reservation.
  • Table - the table of the reservation. Depending on the search parameters selected, the system will disable all the tables that are not available (you will find a short description next to the table name). It is possible to press the icon to temporarily re-enable all the tables that were considered as not available, so that you can force a table to host a reservation.
  • User - if the user of the reservation is a registered customer of VikRestaurants, it will be used to auto-fill in its details. Click the icon to create quickly a new customer without leaving the page.
  • Customer Name - insert here the purchaser nominative. This nominative is used to display the name of the customer in the reservations list.
  • E-mail - insert here the purchaser e-mail. This e-mail is used to send the notification of the reservation to the purchaser. If you have another e-mail text field in the custom fields, it doesn't matter as the addresses don't have to be the same.
  • Phone number - insert here the purchaser phone number. This field is used to send SMS to the purchaser. If you have another phone number text field in the custom fields, it doesn't matter as the phones don't have to be the same.
  • Deposit - the deposit amount left by the customer.
  • Bill Value - the amount of the bill of the reservation.
  • Bill Closed - mark this option when the purchaser pays the bill.
  • Status - the status of the reservation (for new reservations the CONFIRMED status should be used by default). Every time the status changes, the administrator(s), the operator(s) and the customer will be notified via e-mail (only from the front-end). In case you are changing the status from the back-end you have to check the Notify Customer option in order to send the e-mail to the customer only.
    There are 4 different possible statuses:
    CONFIRMED - the reservation has been approved. The status CONFIRMED is set every time customers complete a payment successfully or when the deposit to leave is equals to 0.00 and the default status is CONFIRMED (config param).
    PENDING - the reservation is stored in the database and the customer has to pay the deposit to reserve the table or has to wait for a manual approval. A reservation remains PENDING only for a limited period (the time is given from the Keep Tables Locked for setting in the configuration). 
    REMOVED - a reservation becomes REMOVED when the customer doesn't pay the order within the maximum established time (see Keep Tables Locked for setting).
    CANCELLED - a reservation becomes CANCELLED when the customer cancels it from the Order page in the front-end. It is possible to disable the order cancellation from the configuration. When a customer cancels its order, it won't be refunded automatically from the system.
  • Payment - choose the payment to use for this reservation. From this dropdown it is possible to select also the unpublished payments. 
  • Notify Customer - if you enable this option, when you save the reservation, VikRestaurants sends automatically an e-mail with the reservation details to the customer.
  • Other Fields - there are also the custom fields, with restaurant group, that you have created (or the default custom fields) and a text area for some notes that only the administrator can see. The required option of the custom fields in this task is ignored.

Vik Restaurants - Reservation Details


The statistics page displays the main statistics of the restaurant: total earning , monthly earning and weekly days earning .

The total earning is displayed as header below the filters. The monthly earning is displayed from the list as first row of each month. 

The total earning of the restaurant is calculated on the BILL VALUE of all the CONFIRMED reservations.

The statistics can be filtered by 2 range dates and by week day.

This kind of statistics are useful to understand which are the days that hosted the highest number of people.

Vik Restaurants - Reservation Details statistics

The GLOBAL line indicates the total earning of each month, while the other lines indicate the total earning for each week day of the months.


The reservations can be exported by clicking the Export button in the Joomla Toolbar.
By default there are 2 different ways to export the reservations: ICS and CSV.
The reservations to export can be filtered only by date or IDs.

The dates filters will be automatically filled-in with the oldest checkin (start date) and with the furthest checkin (end date) to cover all the CONFIRMED reservations you have on your system.

To filter the reservations by IDs, check the reservations you need to export from the list and then click the Export button.

ICS: the reservations will be exported in a file following the standard structure of the iCalendar format.
The exported file is compatible with all the most important calendar handlers (iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and so on), so that you can import it to synchronize your calendars with your reservations manually.

From the configuration of the program it is possible to configure an automated ICS exportation in order to have all your calendars always updated.

CSV: the reservations will be exported in a file following the standard structure of the comma-separated values format.
The exported file is compatible with all the most important spreadsheet applications (Open Office, Excel and so on).

Bill Management

To manage the bill of a reservation you have just to check a row from the reservations list and click the Bill button from the Joomla Toolbar.

From this page, you can assign any product to the selected reservation, in order to calculate automatically the total cost of the bill. Next to the products dropdown, there is a button that can be used to create quickly hidden products (such as water, services and tips). Every time you add a hidden product, it will become immediately available in the products list.

To add a product to the bill of the reservation you have to pick a food from the list, select the quantity of the item, fill some optional notes and press the ADD TO CART button. Every time you add something to the cart, the reservations list on the right side is automatically refreshed as well as the total cost of the bill on the top.

This page can be used also to redeem discounts and coupons or to completely remove them.

To redeem an existing coupon, you have to click the Discount button, select the Apply Coupon method, choose the coupon code from the list and save the details. It is possible to manually override the discount of the coupon code by changing the Amount parameter.

By selecting the Apply Discount method, you will be able to define a custom discount for this reservation but none coupon code will be assigned.

If a reservation already owns a discount or a coupon, there will be available also other 2 methods: Remove Discount and Remove Coupon.


Print Reservations

It is possible to print one or more reservations by clicking the Print button from the Joomla Toolbar. The page to print will display the main details of the reservations and the details of the bill, if any.

It is required to check one or more reservations from the list before to print the details. By printing more than one reservation simultaneously, the details will be separated by a dashed line.

After clicking the Print button, the system will ask you to fill a few options before displaying the template to print.

  • Header Text - a HTML description to display above the reservation details (on the top of the page).
  • Footer Text - a HTML description to display below the reservation details (on the bottom of the page).
  • Update Changes - check this option to maintain the changes for future printings. If you leave this option unchecked, the specified texts will be used only temporarily.
SMS Notifications

You will be able to see the Send SMS button in the Joomla Toolbar only if you have configured the SMS APIs in the configuration of the program.

This button is used to send SMS notifications to the customers with the details of their reservations. The content of the message can be created from the configuration.

To send a SMS you have to select at least a reservation and press the Send SMS button. The system will try to send a SMS to the phone number of each selected reservation. Then, you will see a response about the status of the messages (success or failure).


It is possible to generate the invoices of the reservations by clicking the Invoice button in the Joomla Toolbar. It is possible to generate multiple invoices by checking more than one reservation from the list. The system will generate the invoice only for the CONFIRMED reservations.

Before to generate the invoices, the system will ask you if you need to send them automatically via e-mail to the address of the customers.

The generated invoices can be seen from the apposite Booking > Invoices page, from which it is also possible to issue the invoices monthly.

Order Statuses

From the Restaurant > Reservations page it is possible to select a certain reservation code from the apposite Code column.

Every time you change code to a certain reservation, the system will update automatically its codes history (also called Order Statuses).

You can see the Order Statuses of a certain reservation by clicking the icon from the same Reservations page. While, the empty icon means the reservation doesn't own any code yet. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
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