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The Operations section of VikRestaurants handles the Working Shifts, the Special Days and the Operators.

The features of this section are mainly used to configure the working times of the restaurant.

Working Shifts

If you don't use a continuos working time (for example from 2:00 am to 11:00 pm) you should use the Working Shifts. With this task you can create one or more working shifts (for example lunch from 12:30 pm to 14:45 pm and dinner from 19:00 pm to 23:30 pm).

The working shifts are automatically applied to all the week days.

If you need more flexible working days, you have to combine them with the Special Days.

In order to use the working shifts, it is required to switch the Opening Time Mode setting from continuous to shifted (see Global configuration).

  • Name - the name of the working shift. This value is used only as identifier.
  • Show Label - enable this option if you want to show the label of the Working Shift in the time dropdown.
  • Label - the label to display in the time dropdown. Ignore this field if you don't want to show labels.
  • From Hour - the start hour and minutes of the working shift.
  • To Hour - the end hour and minutes of the working shift. This value must be greater than the starting time of the shift. If your shift ends after 11:55 pm you have to create another working shift.
  • Group - specify for which group this shift have to be used (Restaurant or Take-Away).
Special Days

This task offers you a powerful tool to manage your special days. A special day can be a single day, a limited period or an unlimited period.

It is possible to show different Menus for some special occasions and apply different values for the Deposit.

The Special Days can be used also to assign different working shifts to different days of the week.

  • Group - the group of the Special Day (Restaurant or Take-Away).
  • Name - the name of the Special Day.
  • Start Date - choose the start date of the special day. If your special day has not an end date, leave this option blank.
  • End Date - choose the end date of the special day. If your special day has not an end date, leave this option blank. The end date option must be equal or greater than the start date option. If your special day is a single day, the end date must be equal to the start date.
  • Working Shift(s) - only if the working shifts are enabled, pick the times in which the restaurant or the take-away is open.
  • Day(s) Filter - select the days in which the restaurant or the take-away is open.
  • Deposit Per Reservation - this option is an override of the global Deposit per Reservation setting. You could set this value to zero for lunch or increment it for Christmas. Only for Restaurant.
  • Deposit Per Person - this option is an override of the global Deposit per Person setting. If this option is enabled, the deposit value will be multiplied for the number of people of the reservation. Only for Restaurant.
  • Maximum People Allowed - when this value is set to Unlimited, people will be able to book a table until all the tables will be occupied. Otherwise you can set a maximum quantity allowed to stop reservations when the capacity of the room is higher than the specified value. Only for Restaurant.
  • Service - this option is an override of the global Delivery Service setting. You could set the Only Pickup option to disable the delivery service in certain days of the week. Only for Take-Away.
  • Mark On Calendar - if you want to mark your special day in the jQuery calendar, you should enable this option.
  • Ignore Closing Days - if your special day is in conflict with a closing day, you can enable this option to make it more important and ignore the closing day.
  • Priority - set a higher priority level for the special day to be considered first. This value is required when more than one special day can be retrieved simultaneously.
  • Choosable Menus - this option is an override of the global Choosable Menus setting. In this way, you can allow the customers to pre-select a menu for certain occasions. Only for Restaurant.
  • Menus - pick the available menus on this special day. This option can be used also for take-away to filter menus in some days of the week.
  • Images - You can add multiple images for the special days, which will be displayed through the VikRestaurants Event Module, used to advertise your special days.

Vik Restaurants - Special Day


The operators are the employees that work on your restaurant.

You have to create at least one operator if you want to use the Live Map & Management Area in the front-end.

  • Operator Code - if you have already a code for your operators, you can specify it here. Otherwise a random number will be used.
  • First Name - the first name of the operator.
  • Last Name - the last name of the operator.
  • E-mail - the e-mail address of the operator.
  • Phone Number - the phone number of the operator.
  • Group - specify the group to which the operator should belong. Leave this field empty if the operator is able to handle the restaurant and the take-away.
  • Login User - the Joomla user account to login into the Live Map. If the operator doesn't have an account yet, you can create it from this page by filling the registration fields.
  • Enable Login - enable this option if you want to allow the operator to access into the Live Map page in the front-end.
  • Keep Track Actions - enable this option if you want to store all the actions performed by this operator. The actions performed will be visible by clicking on the Report image in the operators list.
  • Mail Notifications - enable this option if you want to send an e-mail notification to this operator every time a new reservation/order is placed.
  • Manage Coupons - enable this option if the operator is able to manage the coupons. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
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