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Zoom for Vik Appointments

Zoom for Vik Appointments

System (de-DE)
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Multi-Account Double click to add Details
Enable this option to let the employees use their own Zoom account without having to subscribe to your master account. When enabled, each employee will have to build its own Zoom JWT application to access the generated API keys. Double click to add Details
The <b>API Secret</b> parameter that you can find under the <b>App Credentials</b> section of your Zoom account. Double click to add Details
Vanity URL Double click to add Details
If you are using a <b>Zoom Vanity URL</b>, such as <em></em>, you can enter it here. Double click to add Details
SDK Version Double click to add Details
Enter a specific version of the Zoom Web SDK. Leave this field empty (or \"auto\") to let the SDK version gets automatically updated after installing a new version of the plugin. If you don't need to use the <b>embedded video</b> feature, you can completely ignore this setting. Double click to add Details
Enable this option to include the password within the link used to join the meeting. When disabled, users will have to manually enter the password after visiting the meeting URL. Double click to add Details
Join Threshold Double click to add Details
The link to join the meeting will appear only when the difference between the check-in and the current time is equals or lower than the specified amount (in minutes). Double click to add Details
If enabled, users will be able to join a meeting directly through your website, without having to download the Zoom application. Double click to add Details
ICS Meeting Double click to add Details
Choose whether the ICS event should include the link to start/join a meeting. Double click to add Details
When enabled, the system will track all the requests made to Zoom API and all the received responses. Debugs are stored within <b>/assets/logs/</b>, under the plugin folder. Double click to add Details
The plugin successfully reached the Zoom APIs. Don't forget to save the settings if you changed something. Double click to add Details
An error occurred! Please try again. Double click to add Details
You must specify both API Key and API Secret fields! Double click to add Details
<p>Both the <code>API Key</code> and <code>API Secret</code> can be found within the <b>Credentials Page</b> of your Zoom App account.</p><p>If you haven't built yet a Zoom App, try to follow these steps:</p><ol><li>Visit the <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Zoom Marketplace</a> page</li><li>Click on the <b>Develop</b> button on the top-right side of the page and then select <b>Build App</b> option</li><li>Select <b>JWT</b> type and click on the <b>Create</b> button</li><li>After completing the App configuration, click the <b>App Credentials</b> section on the left sidebar</li><li>Copy the API credentials and paste them within the plugin configuration.</li></ol> Double click to add Details
<p>Not necessarily. All the features used by this plugin are available also for <b>FREE</b> plans.</p><p>You might consider to purchase a plan in case you need one of the following points:</p><ul><li>I want to host group meetings that last more than <b>40</b> minutes (3+ participants only)</li><li>I need to host group meetings for more than <b>100</b> participants</li><li>The employees in my website should be able to host different meetings at the same time</li><li>My website should communicate with Zoom more than 100 times per day (because of the <b>REST API</b> rate limit)</li></ul><p>For further details on the features supported by your plan, you can take a look at pricing page on <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Zoom</a>.</p> Double click to add Details
When does the plugin create/delete a meeting? Double click to add Details is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
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