How do you put a module inside an article?

When you'd like to load a module inside an article or something similar, you need to use the loadpositon tag. How can you do that? 

  1. Open the configuration page of the module you need to set up.
  2. Start typing something within the Position field in order to create your custom position. You don't have to select one of the existing positions.
  3. Once you've finished to write your custom position just hit "enter" to save it permanently.
  4. Click and save the module configuration.

Once you've completed these steps, you can add your module within the article's body by using the load position tag:

{loadposition mycustompos}

IMPORTANT: If you are trying to load it inside a different module, you need to enable the Prepare content parameter, located into the Options tab of the module's configuration page (the one that specifies the loadposition rule).

Last Update: 2019-04-28 16:18
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