Vik Rent Car v1.12

A new version of Vik Rent Car is now available with a new stunning look and tens of new and exciting features! Are you using our Drivers template? If so, please read this article as your template needs to be updated as well.

VikRentCar v1.12 is now available! We have introduced hundreds of new functions in this long-waited update, by completing over 90% of all the change-log requests we have collected from our clients. Just like its predecessor version 1.11, Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported. This update is only for those who are using Joomla 3.x, and the new framework provides compatibility also with the upcoming Joomla releases.

VikRentCar v1.12 is now available! We have introduced hundreds of new functions in this long-waited update, by completing over 90% of all the change-log requests we have collected from our clients. The support for Joomla 2.5 was dropped with the release of the previous version 1.11, so only Joomla 3.x users will be able to upgrade to this latest version.

How to update to the latest version?

First of all, download the Update Package from the Free Updates section of the site. The policy for the updates of this extension hasn't changed: the Update Package can be downloaded for free only if you have purchased a copy of Vik Rent Car, or a copy of the previous Updates, after January 2018. This means that at today, July 2018, your Support License is still active. Those who have purchased the extension or an update before January 2018, will be asked to purchase the paid version of the update (Update Package) for €29. This will give you access to free updates for another update cycle, and it will renew your Support License for another 6 months.

Template Drivers Update

If you are using our Drivers template with the version 1.11 of Vik Rent Car, then you need to install an update also for the template in order to have all the overrides up to date.
If you are using a different template, then please ignore and skip this section of the article.

Find the download link you received via email to re-download the latest version of the Drivers template. At this point you can log in to your website administrator section and follow the steps below:

    • Make your front-end (Site) default template another one by selecting a native Joomla template from the list.
    • Uninstall the template Drivers from the Joomla Extensions Manager page.
    • Install the newly downloaded template Drivers (latest version), still from the Joomla Extensions Manager page.
    • Make the Drivers template your front-end (Site) default template.

That's all. It is not possible to uninstall and re-install a template when this is your default one for the website. For this reason, it is necessary to temporary change the template in use, and then set it back to default. Of course this procedure won't make you lose any kind of configuration for the modules, it's just a procedure to re-install the latest version of the template. From now on, new patches or updates will be delivered through the Joomla native update functions.

IMPORTANT: please remember to update (re-install) the modules of Vik Rent Car, especially the search module (mod_vikrentcar_search), or the override of the new template Drivers will generate a Fatal Error for your outdated version of the module. All the new modules can be found inside the folder NEW_MODULES that you will find inside the Update Package archive.
From now, all the modules will support updates via XML, through the Joomla native functions, so these problems will no longer occur with the future updates.

Upgrade Instructions

Please make sure to have downloaded the Update Package, and you will find all the instructions inside the archive. Updating to the latest version without losing any data may require a different procedure depending on the current version of Vik Rent Car that you are using.

Those who are using the v1.11 will be able to install the update either through the Joomla native Update Sites functions, or by using our plugin Vik Updater.

A different procedure is needed for those who are on the version 1.10. In fact, the instructions inside the Update Package, will ask you to follow the same instructions as for updating to the previous version 1.11 of last year. Here are the previous update instructions.

Those who are using an older version of Vik Rent Car (1.9 or older) will have to follow other instructions to upgrade first to the version 1.10, and then to the latest version 1.12.

All the update instructions can be found inside the Update Package, so make sure to download it from the Free Updates section, or to purchase it from the Extensions Updates page.

Enjoy your new Vik Rent Car!

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