Vik Rent Car v1.13 Update

The latest version 1.13 was released on November 17th 2019. This is a special update!

The update is free only for those who still have an active Support License (purchase made within 6 months).

The limit date to download and install the free update is May 2019. If you have purchased a copy of Vik Rent Car, or a copy of its paid update after May 2019, then your account is eligible to get the free update.

Those who cannot update for free should purchase the paid version of the update for € 29 (from this Link).


The new version 1.13 is the result of over 3 months of intense programming. We have collected a lot of suggestions and feature requests from our clients to build a better software that could be used every day by car rental companies.

Vik Rent Car has been the leading car rental extension for Joomla since 2011, and we did our best to include as many feature requested as possible in this important update.

Please take a look at all the new features and at the new demo website to see what we have done. If you don't need any of the new features, please do not update.

Here are some screen shots of the new features:


Please read this message carefully before updating. It won't take you longer than 1 minute

  • By installing the update, all the front-end and back-end Views will be overwritten. The same thing works for the (main) CSS files (not the custom CSS file) and for the English .INI files.
  • Any modifications made to the CSS styles should be backed up, as well as the whole website in order to lower the risks of getting unexpected results. Vik Rent Car loads a custom CSS file at last where you can put all your styles modifications. This file has the suffix _custom.css in the name (more details available in the Knowledge Base section). Backing up the whole site, files and database included, is strongly recommended.
  • During the first weeks after the release, our technical support team will be facing a high volume of work. We will give higher priority to server issues and lowest priority to CSS/Layout issues. We kindly ask you to check the Documentation and the Knowledge Base sections of our website before asking for help. Response timing will be slower than usual.

What's new in VikRentCar v1.13 ?

Please read all the new features below and check them out in the new demo website (back-end included):

Front-End Demo Back-End Demo


  • New Features

  • New framework, design and layout This is not just a standard update! The entire framework of the software has been re-designed and re-styled
  • Statistics Tracking Keep track of all searches and rental orders made by your visitors. Set up campaigns and monitor the conversion rate for various geo-locations
  • New Custom Field of type "Date" This new type of custom field will be rendered through a datepicker calendar
  • Open or Close some Rate plans Rate plans can be closed/opened on some dates of the year, for example you can offer only a non-refundable rate on some dates for some cars
  • New availability calculation system The hourly and daily rentals now adopt a faster calculation algorithm
  • Switch or assign customers to rental orders Quickly assign a new or existing customer to your rental orders
  • Request Information for a specific vehicle Every car has a parameter to enable a form to request information from the respective front-end details page
  • Custom logo for back-end Customise even more the look and feel of Vik Rent Car by uploading a custom logo for the back-end section
  • Improvements

  • New design for back-end and front-end all the views have been re-designed with modern and responsive layouts
  • FontAwesome back-end support Vik Rent Car 1.13 no longer uses images as icons, they have all been replaced with font-icons for devices scalability
  • Custom Ordering for payment methods Choose which payment options to display as first or last
  • New back-end order details page An easier page has been designed to describe the order details
  • New filtering, search and sorting The back-end orders list page now supports even more filters by caching them together with the pagination
  • Tens of back-end improvements Several adjustments and fixes have been made to the source code to avoid configuration errors
  • Allow pick ups immediately on drop offs Vehicles returned at a certain time can be immediately available for pick up
  • Unified front-end Views for order details No matter of the status of a specific rental order, the View that displays it is always the same
  • System

  • Joomla 4.x Portability Added support for the future Joomla 4.x releases
  • Bootstrap 4 Support for Bootstrap v4 of Joomla 4
  • MVC Back-end Framework The back-end has been entirely modified to support a new MVC framework

If you don't need any of these new features, please do not update as the version 1.12 is still stable although it's no longer supported.


  • No cars, prices or orders will go lost. All your data will be kept as is before the update.
  • All the views of the front-end will be overwritten as well as a lot of other php files, including the CSS of both the administrator and front site sections of VikRentCar.
  • Make sure to move any CSS customization onto the dedicated custom CSS files for the front-end (editable from the Configuration page).
  • All the language translations will not be touched except for the English translation that will be overwritten with the new language definitions.
  • Italian users: the update will replace and update the Italian language files just like for the English files.


Download the Update Package and check our blog post for instructions

We suggest installing the Vik Updater plugin to upgrade to the latest version of Vik Rent Car with just a few clicks.

Update Instructions (also available inside the Update Package)

Please insert your order number below to see if it's eligible to get the free update:
(the order number is in the order email that you received for downloading the component or the paid update)

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