The new major release of Vik Events is now available! We have introduced many new features as well as a completely new design!

VikEvents v1.11 has been released! A completely re-designed framework for the entire back-end section gives the component a fresh look. This update is fully compatible with any Joomla 3.x version as well as with the upcoming Joomla 4 framework.

VikEvents v1.11 has been released! A completely re-designed framework for the entire back-end section gives the component a fresh look. This update is fully compatible with any Joomla 3.x version as well as with the upcoming Joomla 4 framework.

How to update to the latest version?

You can install the latest version of Vik Events through the Joomla native update functions, or by using our free plugin Vik Updater.
From the page Extensions - Manage - Updates, you should find the update to the latest version of Vik Events. This is valid for all those who are using a recent version of the component and would like to upgrade through the Joomla native update functions.
Instead, those who are willing to use our plugin Vik Updater are supposed to first download, install and enable our plugin from the Joomla Extensions Install page. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, the page Dashboard of Vik Events should display a button that says "Update Available" in the top menu. By clicking on that button you can perform the installation of the latest update for Vik Events.

The policy for the updates of this extension hasn't changed: updating is free only if you have purchased a copy of Vik Events, or a copy of the previous Updates, after June 18th 2020. This means that your Support License must be active on the release date of the new version of Vik Events, which is December 18th 2020. Those who have purchased the extension or an update before June 18th 2020, will be asked to purchase the paid version of the update (Update Package) for €29. This will give you access to free updates for another update cycle, and it will renew your Support License for another 6 months.

IMPORTANT: please remember to check for any updates for the modules of Vik Events. This can be easily done from your Joomla administrator section, by clicking on Extensions - Manage - Update.
The paid version of the Update Package only serves to renew the Support License for those accounts that are already using a recent version of Vik Events. The update methods are still the ones described above. Instead, those using an older version of the component Vik Events will find the instructions inside the Update Package to upgrade to a more recent version that supports the above described update methods.

What's new in Vik Events 1.11? Here's the full changelog

New Features

  • Totally new back-end layout
    This is a major release that includes several new improvements to the design and layout of the entire component.

  • Custom ordering for custom fields
    Custom fields now accept a custom ordering position value from their edit page.

  • Clone custom fields
    It is now possible to clone multiple custom fields and assign them to new or existing custom groups.

  • Custom ordering for payment methods
    It is now possible to arrange the ordering position of the payment methods.

  • Payment Methods Logos
    Every payment method can now display an icon/logo for the selection via front-end.

  • Multiple Prices per Event/Ticket
    Several improvements have been implemented, including the possibility of a custom sorting via Drag and Drop.

  • VIP/Private Events
    New parameter to allow one single reservation only, after which the event will no longer be available, regardless of the remaining availability.

  • Back-end New features
    Several bug fixes and improvements applied for the various back-end features.

  • Keep Early Bird ticket cost
    It is now possible to keep the original or Early Bird cost for tickets with multiple prices in the edit reservation page.

  • Block Seats with Custom Numbers
    Block Seats feature for maps now displays the custom seat numbers blocked rather than just their index.

  • New Translations System
    Several new features for the back-end translations page.

  • File Upload
    New custom field of type File Upload to let clients upload documents or signatures.

  • Custom Logo
    It is now possible to upload a custom logo to replace the default one for the back-end menu.


  • Seating Charts Groups
    New interface for Seating Charts Groups image map with click-able areas.

  • Manual Reservations
    Several improvements to the manual creation of new reservations via back-end.

  • Framework adaptation
    The whole framewok of the component has been adapted to our new standards.


  • Joomla 4
    The framework has been tested with the latest Alpha 5 version of Joomla 4.
    EDIT: since the dedicated minor update 1.11.1, the component now fully supports the Joomla 4 framework.

  • jQuery 3
    Added support for the new jQuery 3 that will ship by default with Joomla 4 and future releases.

  • MVC Framework
    Models, Views and Controllers have been updated


Enjoy your new Vik Events!

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