Vik Booking v1.10

The new year 2018 could not have started better! Vik Booking v1.10 is ready for download! This feature-rich update is the result of months of intense programming, and it introduces hundreds of incredible new features.

Updating will be super easy for those who are using the Channel Manager (e4jConnect service), and for those who have recently purchased the software. However, those who never used the Channel Manager, and those who have an expired Support License, will no longer be able to download the update for free.

Vik Booking and Vik Channel Manager together make a complete software suite for any kind of accommodation. Thanks to all the suggestions and feature requests collected from our clients, we have built a Premier software suite for an open source CMS that could compete with the best software solutions of the world. In fact, e4jConnect is now a Premier Partner of channels like

Do not miss this epic update! For its 8th birthday, Vik Booking gained much more power and got a fresh new look! This new version works with any Joomla 3.x release, and it's also compatible with Joomla 4.
Yes, you read that good: Joomla 4. This new Joomla release is still on an Alpha stage (January 2018), so this means that it's not public yet, because it is not stable. Rumors say that the future Joomla 4 will use a sort of a strict SQL mode that will make most of your extensions not compatible. However, Vik Booking already fully supports this mode, and it has successfully passed all tests with Joomla 4.

Speaking again of Vik Booking v1.10: thanks to this update, you will find all the new features in your installation without losing your data. If you have made some adjustments to the previous styles, then make sure to have applied them through the apposite custom CSS files (there's one for the back-end and one for the front-end - more details available in the Knowledge Base section of this site).

What's so new and exciting in the version 1.10?

The list of new features is long. Listing them all is not easy, but just take a look at the new demo website back-end to see all the differences with your own eyes. For some screen shots, and the full Change Log, please visit the Free Updates page at this link.


Before installing this update, make sure your account meets the new requirements for the free download. In fact, the update for Vik Booking 1.10 is free only for those who are using the Channel Manager (e4jConnect service), and for those who have purchased the software after July 2017. The Support License lasts for 6 months from the last purchase date, and this coincides with July 2017 because it's exactly 6 months before the release date of Vik Booking 1.10 (January 2018).
There's a paid version of the update for those who are not allowed to update for free, which costs € 29 like for our two other extensions. By purchasing this package it will be possible to update to the latest version 1.10 also for those who never used the Channel Manager.

How to update to Vik Booking v1.10

The update process is very easy for those who have the very previous version 1.9. Those who have the version 1.8 or older, instead will have to follow the same steps as for upgrading to the very previous version 1.9.

First of all, download the Update Package from this link (this is valid for all those who are willing to upgrade to the latest version 1.10). The Update Package contains all the necessary instructions for updating, and it also contains some new modules for the last version of the software. It is definitely worth installing the new module "Vik Booking - Channel Rates".

- Vik Booking v1.9 Users

Download, install and publish the plugin Vik Updater if you haven't done that yet. Our plugin is used to deliver patches beside updates, so we definitely recommend to use it. You can download Vik Updater from this link. You can choose to update by using our plugin, or by using the Joomla native Update functions. Both methods will work.

- Vik Booking v1.8 Users

Inside the Update Package you will find some README files with a detailed list of instructions for updating. The update method in this case is the same as for installing the previous version 1.9, with the only difference that now you will get the version 1.10. For more details, please visit our previous Blog Post at this link.

- Vik Booking v1.7 (or older) Users

Keeping the extension up to date is fundamental, especially in the case of such an important extension for your own website. It looks like you haven't updated your extension since 2015. Luckily, if you have the version 1.7, or even an older version, you can still upgrade to the version 1.10. However, the update process will be a lot longer, because first you will need to install a two years old update that will bring you to the version 1.8, then you should follow the instructions for the v1.8 Users (above), and finally you will get to the version 1.10. Please notice that having the version 1.7 or the version 1.10, is like using two different software. So many things have changed since then.

Got Errors During the Update?

If the update process gave you some errors, then it may be possible that your current installation or account are not allowed to install the update to the version 1.10 for free.

For example, if you received an error message like "Error connecting to the server: 403" or "403 Forbidden", then you are more likely to not have made any purchases within 6 months for this extension, for the Channel Manager, or for the paid version of the update. As explained above, if you have purchased the Channel Manager, then you are always allowed to download the updates for free without any other kind of extra charge.

If you are willing to purchase the Channel Manager or the paid version of the Update (available at this link), then you should make sure to make this purchase by using the same email address as for the first purchase of Vik Booking. This is fundamental, otherwise you will not allow your domain to be able to download and install the update.
If you are sure to meet the necessary requirements, and if you are still unable to download the free update, make sure that your domain is registered under your account on our website.

Other similar error messages that could mean the same thing are the followings:
"unregistered", "Failed to download package. Download it and install manually from....", "No purchases found for Vik Channel Manager...", "Error connecting to the server", "Forbidden", "403".

The easiest way to validate your order number is to try to download the Update Package from this link.

We hope you will enjoy your new Vik Booking!

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