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Updates for the latest version of this extension no longer require to download an update package. You should use this page only if you have a version older than Vik Booking v1.9.

You can update the component to its latest version by using the Joomla's native update functions (administrator section, menu Extensions » Manage » Update), or through our free plugin Vik Updater.

Your Support License must be active in order to update the extension to its latest version. Please visit our Blog for more details.

VikBooking v1.13.5 Update

The latest version 1.13.5 was released on July 1st 2020. This is a major release with tens of new features and improvements!

The update is free only for those who are using the Channel Manager, and for those who still have an active Support License (purchase made within 6 months).

Those who cannot update for free should purchase the paid version of the update for € 29 (from this Link).


The new version 1.13.5 is the result of several months of intense programming. We have collected a lot of suggestions and feature requests from our clients to build a better software that could be used every day by receptionists and hotel managers.

The updates for those who are using the Channel Manager and the e4jConnect service will ALWAYS be free of charge. However, those who have purchased the software more than 6 months ago, and that are NOT using the Channel Manager, are not allowed to download or install the update for free.

Vik Booking has become the only open source Booking Engine for a CMS that competes with the most popular accommodations software of the world. This level was reached thanks to the complementary extension Vik Channel Manager and the e4jConnect service. In fact, our solution is listed as a Premier Connectivity Partner on OTAs like

We can say that Vik Booking 1.13.5 is now even more oriented to work together with the Channel Manager as a full software-suite, even though it can still be used without it. Updates are probably not free for some users, but hopefully, the long list of new features implemented in this version will make upgrading worth it.

Here are some screen shots of the new features:


Please read this message carefully before updating. It won't take you longer than 1 minute

  • By installing the update, all the front-end and back-end Views will be overwritten. The same thing works for the (main) CSS files (not the custom CSS file) and for the English .INI files.
  • Any modifications made to the CSS styles should be backed up, as well as the whole website in order to lower the risks of getting unexpected results. VikBooking loads a custom CSS file at last where you can put all your styles modifications. This file has the suffix _custom.css in the name (more details available in the Knowledge Base section). Backing up the whole site, files and database included, is strongly recommended.
  • During the first weeks after the release, our technical support team will be facing a high volume of work. We will give higher priority to server issues and lowest priority to CSS/Layout issues. We kindly ask you to check the Documentation and the Knowledge Base sections of our website before asking for help. Response timing will be slower than usual.

What's new in VikBooking v1.13.5 ?

Please read all the new features below and check them out in the new demo website (back-end included):

Front-End Demo Back-End Demo


  • New Features

  • New back-end and front-end framework This is a major release that introduces hundreds of improvements and tens of new features
  • Characteristics pre-set icons You can now choose some pre-installed amenities as font icons
  • Custom ordering for characteristics All the characteristics/amenities of the rooms can be sorted in a custom ordering
  • New Tableaux Sticky headers for horizontal and vertical scrolling. Sorting of sub-units booked implemented
  • Room-Day Notes You can now create notes at room-level, or even at sub-unit-level for some dates of the year, to highlight certain events or notes
  • Shared Calendars It is now possible to link the availability calendars between multiple rooms to also sync them with the Channel Manager
  • Upsell Extra Services Guests will be able to upgrade their bookings (website and OTAs/Channels) by ordering some extra services through your site at any time
  • National festivities and custom events Highlight in your calendars the festivities or the local events that require more attention
  • New Rate Plans Report Obtain data, revenue and statistics of the most booked rate plans among your clients or on specific target dates
  • New Children Pricing Depending on the number of guests, you can allow some, but not all, children of a room-party to book for free even though their age interval would usually have a cost
  • Options/Extra Services Guests Filtering You can now define filters for the Options/Extra Services to be applied if there is a minimum and/or a maximum number of guests
  • Promotions applied on the final price The algorithm to apply the promotions can be set to be calculated on the room final cost, rather than progressively
  • Actual Rooms Daily Costs Rather than displaying a generic custom starting from price for the rooms, the system will now read the actual cost for today
  • Filter bookings by coupon code It is now possible to find all bookings saved with a specific coupon code by using the apposite search format 'coupon: CODE'
  • Coupon codes on taxes/fees You can choose to include or exclude taxes or mandatory fees (like tourist taxes) from the calculation of the coupon discount codes
  • Report Guest Misconduct If you have an incident with a guest, you can report to the misconduct information with various details
  • Damage Deposit If you request to your guests a damage deposit to be pre-paid for then returning it at the end of their stay, you can now transmit to this information with one click
  • Key Collection You can transmit to the information of how the keys to enter your accommodation can be collected. This is an essential feature for those working on the Vacation Rentals business field
  • Property Profile Another essential feature for those working in the Vacation Rentals business field is the possibility of setting up their property profile for, with the information about the renovating, establishment and building dates
  • Improvements

  • Raw customer data translated Bookings coming from OTAs like or Expedia will now attempt to translate their raw data-set of information into the current language
  • Channel Manager Advances Various improvements have been made to the Channel Manager connections
  • Occupancy Ranking Channels Filter your best seasons or target dates by channels to obtain a ranking of those who brought the highest number of bookings
  • Availability calendars lazy navigation It is now possible to navigate through the availability calendars of the Room Details pages via AJAX with a simple click, without needing to reload the page
  • Added full support for list limits WordPress 5.4.2 or higher required a modification to the lists limit calculation and saving
  • Category filters You can now filters the results of several pages and reports by category, to quickly include multiple rooms that belong to a specific category or property account
  • Assign to rooms Rather than editing a room to assign an option, an extra service, or a characteristic, you can now do it directly from the respective elements

If you don't need any of these new features, please do not update as the previous version is still stable although no longer supported.


  • No rooms, rates or bookings will be lost. All your data will be maintained as is before the update.
  • All the views of the front-end will be overwritten as well as a lot of other php files, including the CSS of both the administrator and front site sections of VikBooking.
  • Make sure to move any CSS customization onto the dedicated custom CSS files for the front-end and back-end (editable from the Configuration page).
  • All the language translations will not be touched except for the English translation that will be overwritten with the new language definitions.
  • Italian customers: the update will replace and update the Italian language files just like for the English files.


Download the Update Package and check our blog post for instructions

We suggest installing the Vik Updater plugin to upgrade to the latest version of Vik Booking with just a few clicks.

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