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Download the language pack for your preferred languages. Please notice that language packs will only contain the approved translations.
Download is available to registered users, and only for the languages which have at least one translation.

You will be downloading a ZIP file for the language pack that can be installed from the Joomla! Extensions Manager. No need to upload any files via FTP.

Vik Secure

Vik Secure

Locale Tag Progress Hits Download
English United Kingdom (en-GB) en-GB 100% 2 Log in
Italian (Italiano) Italy (it-IT) it-IT 100% 24 Log in
German (Deutsch) Germany (de-DE) de-DE 100% 3 Log in
German (Schweizerdeutsch) Switzerland (de-CH) de-CH 0% 0
French (Français) France (fr-FR) fr-FR 90% 3 Log in
Spanish (Español) Spain (es-ES) es-ES 0% 0
Catalan (Català) Spain (ca-ES) ca-ES 0% 0
Mexican (Mexicano) Mexico (es-MX) es-MX 0% 0
Belgian (Vlaams) Belgium (nl-BE) nl-BE 0% 0
Dutch (Nederlands) Netherlands (nl-NL) nl-NL 100% 1 Log in
Swedish (Svenska) Sweden (sv-SE) sv-SE 0% 0
Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norway (nn-NO) nn-NO 0% 0
Norwegian (Nokmål) Norway (nb-NO) nb-NO 0% 0
Danish (Dansk) Denmark (da-DK) da-DK 0% 0
Finnish (Suomalainen) Finland (fi-FI) fi-FI 0% 0
Greek (ελληνικά) Greece (el-GR) el-GR 0% 0
Portuguese (Português) Portugal (pt-PT) pt-PT 0% 0
Portuguese (Português do Brasil) Brazil (pt-BR) pt-BR 0% 0
Russian (Pусский) Russian Federation (ru-RU) ru-RU 1% 2 Log in
Polish (Polskie) Poland (pl-PL) pl-PL 0% 0
Romanian (Românesc) Romania (ro-RO) ro-RO 0% 0
Czech (Čeština) Czech Republic (cs-CZ) cs-CZ 0% 0
Slovenian (Slovenski) Slovenia (sl-SI) sl-SI 0% 0
Croatian (hrvratski) Croatia (hr-HR) hr-HR 0% 0
Serbian (српски) Serbia (sr-RS) sr-RS 0% 0
Bulgarian (български) Bulgaria (bg-BG) bg-BG 0% 0
Hungarian (Magyar) Hungary (hu-HU) hu-HU 0% 0
Lithuanian (Lietuviškai) Lithuania (lt-LT) lt-LT 2% 0 Log in
Estonian (Eesti Keel) Estonia (et-EE) et-EE 0% 0
Ukrainian (Українсь) Ukraine (uk-UA) uk-UA 0% 0
Turkish (Türk) Turkey (tr-TR) tr-TR 0% 0
Thai (ไทย) Thailand (th-TH) th-TH 0% 0
Chinese (简体中文) China (zh-CN) zh-CN 0% 0
Japanese (日本語) Japan (ja-JP) ja-JP 0% 0
Chinese (繁體中文) Taiwan (zh-TW) zh-TW 0% 0
Classic Arabic (العربية) Arabic Unitag (ar-AA) ar-AA 0% 0
Korean (한국의) Korea, Republic of (ko-KR) ko-KR 0% 0
Persian/Farsi (فارسی) Iran (Islamic Republic of) (fa-IR) fa-IR 0% 0 is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
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