A list of supported parameters that can be found under the Print section of the Preferences window.

Printer Device

Select from here the device that will be always used to print the incoming orders and reservations.

The list includes all the printers that have been installed on your computer, even if they are not currently active. So, if you are not seeing a specific printer, then it probably hasn't been installed yet on your local machine.

Automatic Print

Choose whether the orders and/or reservations should be automatically printed upon download.

Despite the purpose of the application is to automatize this process, you are free to disable this option if you prefer manually printing the orders.

Page Format

You can select from here the page format that will be used by the printer. The list supports some default formats:

NameUnit (mm)Unit (inch)
A3 297x420 11.69×16.54
A4 210x297 8.27×11.69
A5 148x210 5.83×8.27
Letter 216x279 8.50×11.00
Legal 216x356  8.50×14.00
Tabloid 279x432 11.00×17.00 

The list gives you also the possibility of picking the Custom option, in order to specify a completely new format. After selecting this option, you should see other four parameters:

  • Page Width
  • Page Height
  • Printable Area Width
  • Printable Area Height

All these parameters must be expressed in millimeters.

Page Width and Page Height parameters indicate the size of the page format, which is usually indicated by the format itself. In example, in case of 80x200 paper roll, the page width will be 80 (mm) and the page height will be 200 (mm).

Printable Area Width and Printable Area Height parameters indicate the size of the area that can be printed inside the page. Since the printer may support default margins, the size defined here can be lower than the size of the page. The printer might suggest this size next to the page format selected from the default printing dialog. Leave as it is if you don't know what to specify.

As described in the screenshot above, our printer reserves itself 4mm of margins for both the right and left side. For this reason, the printable area width had to be 72 millimeters.

Page Margins

You can select from here the margins that will be applied while printing. The list supports some default margins:

  • None
  • Default
  • Printable Area
  • Custom

You should try all these options until you find the one that fit the needs of your printer in the best way.

The Custom option gives you the possibility of defining Top, Bottom, Left and Right margins, which have to be expressed in millimeters. Notice that the printer may ignore the defined margins. Kitchen printers are usual to ignore top and bottom margins.


Choose whether the printer should include background and text colors. It is strongly recommended to print in black-white mode in order to save color and to prevent that "pois" effect that occurs with thermal printers.

Print Test

Click the Print Test Page button to make sure the selected printer is connected with this application.

In case the application is properly connected with the device, this one will print a page with some sample data.

Last Update: 2021-03-04 10:18
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