Terms of Use

The software is released under Shareware license. VRE Printer can be downloaded for free from the related product page.

Users are free to use the software for 14 days since the first execution of the application, thing commonly called as "TRIAL". Once the trial expires, the application will require a license key to keep using the product. The license key can be purchased from the same page used to download the product.

The license validity has no expiration date (one-time purchase) but can be used only for a single domain. Why domain? Since the application communicates with a website running VikRestaurants, it is possible to use the same license on multiple applications, but all of them must be connected to the same server.

Privacy Policy

The download of the application is entirely anonymous. No registration is required. No data will be collected.

We have no access to the orders received by VRE Printer, because the communication occurs between the application and your own VikRestaurants.

We collect only 3 information during the activation of the license key:

  • the license key itself;
  • the domain to which you connected the application;
  • your current IP address, which may result a local address when using a Wi-Fi connection.


Can I resell the application to my customers?

Yes you can, but you need to purchase a license for each of them.

Anyhow, even if it is possible, that's not suggested at all, since you won't be able to rebrand the application by including your personal name.

Can I use the application after trial expiration?

No you can't. Once the trial expires the application will be locked, letting you to perform only one action: entering a license key.

Is VikRestaurants mandatory?

Of course. The application takes advantage of the API Framework provided by VikRestaurants to download the orders.

You are still free to download and install the application to check whether it works with your personal printer.

Last Update: 2021-03-04 10:28
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