Some language definitions may not be that clear or they may need to be changed to something similar.

Finding these language definitions in the .INI language files is pretty easy but an update would overwrite all the changes to add the new definitions of that version. The great CMS Joomla has a solution to this problem. Why wouldn't you use a native function that was thought exactly for this purpose?

All the language files are located into two different directories:

- front-end translations /language/
- back-end translations /administrator/language/

If you browse those directories with an FTP client, you will find a folder called 'overrides' on each directory. This is the solution that Joomla has to these issues. If you need to make some changes to the default English .INI file for the front-end, you should copy this file:

onto the following directory:

That's the file you should modify, the one in the folder /language/overrides/.

Last Update: 2018-12-17 14:22
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