The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly impacted on the restaurants/dining industry, and most countries worldwide have introduced new requirements to comply with the restrictions imposed to reduce the spread of the infections. Let's take a look at the features that can help you keep up with this pandemic.

Ordering food for delivery or take-away has become even more convenient for many people, and those who decide to spend some time seated at a restaurant table will definitely need to feel safe. This is why restaurants or any other similar businesses needed to apply changes to their activities, but what else do they need to keep up with the Coronavirus nightmare? Software definitely comes to a help in these circumnstances, and VikRestaurants is the perfect solution for those who have already a website.

VikRestaurants provides several features to expand the business for those companies who offer Take-Away or Food Delivery services, but it also comes handy to regular restaurants that need to take table reservations, by letting the clients order the food directly from their smartphone.

Let's take a look at some of the key-features of VikRestaurants.

Safe Distance

Safe Distance

The containment measures of COVID-19 require that a certain distance is maintained between people who are not part of the same family.

When booking a table online, the system will ask to the customers whether all the members of the group belong to the same family. If not, the system will search for larger tables so that the distance can be maintained.

In example, when a group of 6 friends look for a free table, the system instead will search for a table that can host at least 12 users, in order to keep an empty space between them.

You are free to increase/decrease the factor that is used to calculate the resulting capacity of a table (2 by default). The factor is always multiplied by the number of guests and it is rounded up in case the resulting value is not an integer. In example, in case of a factor equals to 1.5, the resulting capacity will be 9 instead of 12.

Do not use Paper Menus

Digital Menu

Since paper menus can’t be sanitized, they are a high-risk factor for the transmissions of the virus between the people.

You can move all the menus within your website in a digital format, so that customers will be able to directly see them through their phones, by reducing any contacts between the guests of your restaurant.

Smart Dishes Ordering

Courses Ordering

Reduce the contacts between the waiters and the guests. Lets the customers self-order their courses through the mobile phone.

Customers are automatically able to start ordering their dishes after the check-in at the restaurant, simply by visiting the link received via e-mail after booking a table. In case a group didn’t reserve a table online, the restaurant owner should manually create a reservation for the customer at the check-in, which is mandatory in order to track all the customers that visited the restaurant in a specific date. At this point, the link to start ordering will be notified via e-mail/SMS.

All the ordered courses are transmitted to the Kitchen widget, an apposite tool that can be used to handle a communication between waiters and cooks about the preparation of the dishes.

Take-Away and Delivery


Collect delivery and take-away orders directly through your website, without having to care about the availability of your restaurant.

According to the number of meals that can be prepared in each interval, the system calculates in real-time all the slots that are available for deliveries.

In addition, a stocks system automatically blocks the ordering of a meal when it is out-of-stock.

VikRestaurants is the leading extension in Joomla for take-away orders, food delivering and table reservations. Visit the demo website to see all features available, and make sure to update the software to the latest version to not miss out the new functions.

Are you not using VikRestaurants yet? All you need is a website built with the Joomla platform, which is offered and supported by any existing hosting company. Get in touch with your webmaster or with your hosting company to see how you can install and set up VikRestaurants with no efforts or any particular knowledge!

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