VikAppointments 1.7.4

VikAppointments 1.7.4 is now available.
This version contains some new features, several enhancements and a few bug fixes.

What's in 1.7.4?

Here is a list of what this new version brings.

New Features

  • The packages can now support an expiration date for their usage.
  • The e-mail conditional texts now support the attachments and the payment filter.
  • Next to the pagination buttons, it is now possible to choose the number of items to display per page.
  • Implemented the "PayPal Express Checkout" payment gateway.
  • It is now possible to force the customer to pick a number of options equals to the number of selected participants.
  • It is now possible to pause the cron notifications received by the administrators.


  • Added support to Joomla! 5.0 and to the dark mode (back-end only).
  • The system is now able to display a summary with the number of redeemed packages against the total purchased ones.
  • Refreshed the style used by the main menu of VikAppointments in the back-end.
  • The system now always shows the locations assigned to an employee, even if there's only one.
  • The appointments exported in CSV format now include the custom fields assigned to specific services.
  • Properly escaped new lines within the description of the ICS events.
  • The program is now fully compatible with all the major PHP versions.
  • Improved the speed of some database queries.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was not properly autofilling the selected customers from the analytics page.
  • Prevented contents translation in case the multilingual feature is disabled.
  • Removed account activation references in case there are no published subscriptions.
  • Fixed PHP warnings with the cancellation e-mail sent to the employees.

Got Errors During the Update?

If the update process gave you some errors, then it may be possible that your current installation or account are not allowed to install the new version of VikAppointments for free. This is may due to 2 different factors:

  • the domain from which you are requesting the update is not registered;
  • your support license expired.

In case you are sure that your website is properly registered on our system, then you may have to purchase another copy of VikAppointments in order to extend your support license by another year. Click HERE if you wish to go ahead with the purchase.

Otherwise just contact us if you don't know what you should do.

Enjoy your new VikAppointments!

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