VikAppointments 1.7.3

VikAppointments 1.7.3 is now available.
This version contains some new features, several enhancements and a few bug fixes.

What's in 1.7.3?

Here is a list of what this new version brings.

New Features

  • Implemented a new system to import the appointments from remote calendars, such as Google, Apple and so on.
  • Introduced a new parameter to apply an extra duration to the appointments through the options.
  • Created a new stunning module to complete the whole booking process in a single page.


  • It is now possible to restrict the options by user group.
  • Extended the import/export framework by adding support to groups, services, employees, options and locations.
  • Generic improvements to the login/registration form.

Bug Fixes

  • The system now displays the correct maximum upload size.
  • Updated to the latest version the URL used to load Google Maps.
  • The custom fields of multi-select type now correctly display the placeholder.
  • Fixed PHP warning displayed within the dashboard of the employees area.
  • Fixed recursive import of backup elements.

How do I get the One-Page Booking module?

The first thing to do is copying the following URL.

Afterwards you should open the back-end of your Joomla! and visit the installation page, which may vary depending on your current version:

  • Extensions > Manage > Install on Joomla! 3;
  • System > Install > Extensions on Joomla! 4.

From this page you should access the Install from URL section and paste the previously copied URL into the apposite field. Hit the Check and Install button to download and install the module.

Click HERE to see it in action!

Got Errors During the Update?

If the update process gave you some errors, then it may be possible that your current installation or account are not allowed to install the new version of VikAppointments for free. This may be due to 2 different factors:

  • the domain from which you are requesting the update is not registered;
  • your support license expired.

In case you are sure that your website is properly registered on our system, then you may have to purchase another copy of VikAppointments in order to extend your support license by another year. Click HERE if you wish to go ahead with the purchase.

Otherwise just contact us if you don't know what you should do.

Enjoy your new VikAppointments!

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