VikAppointments 1.6.5

VikAppointments 1.6.5 is now available.
This version contains some new features, several enhancements and a few bug fixes.

What's in 1.6.5?

Here is a list of what this new version brings.

New Features

  • Added the possibility of including custom texts while sending a manual notification to the customers.
  • It is now possible to limit the maximum number of appointments per interval that a customer can book.


  • Services can have different restrictions for advance bookings.
  • Added a button next to the ICS Sync link to quickly start a calendar subscription.
  • The generated ICS calendars now own a title based on the agency name and selected employee.
  • Conversion codes now support <noscript> tags.

Bug Fixes

  • It is now possible to switch service while editing a reservation from the Employees Area.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed certain recurrence options even if they were unpublished.
  • TCPDF is now loaded only when needed to avoid exhausting memory allocation.

Enjoy your new VikAppointments!

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