VikAppointments 1.6.2

VikAppointments 1.6.2 is now available.
This patch contains a few major bug fixes, several minor bug fixes and some improvements related to the payments, special rates and Employees Area.

What's in 1.6.2?

Here is a list of what this new version brings.


  • The employees can have different descriptions for the assigned services (see overrides section).
  • It is now possible to stylize the days/time-slots that own an active special rate.
  • Payment gateways now support access levels for being used by certain users only.
  • It is now possible to assign a working day to certain services while creating it (Employees Area).
  • The notification e-mail received by the customers now displays the total NET (only in case of options).
  • The time slots are now able to display the checkout time next to the checkin (configuration setting).
  • Employees phone numbers can be clicked to start a call on devices that support it.
  • PayPal now supports a parameter to force TLS 1.2 protocol (safe mode).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some errors related to the working days creation.
  • PayPal sandbox now uses TLS 1.2 protocol.
  • Employees are now lifetime published in case there are no subscriptions.
  • Calendars are now displayed starting from the start publishing date of the services (if specified).
  • Fixed an issue that was creating the employees even if the account registration failed (Employees Area).
  • Fixed duplicate aliases error that might occur while cloning the employees.
  • Registering a new employee through the Employees Area now generates an alias.
  • Creating a new service through the Employees Area now generates an alias.
  • Fixed an issue that might block the user saving on certain browsers (back-end).
  • It is no more possible to change the form name of a custom field for the employees once it has been created.
  • It is no more possible to switch type of a cron job once it has been created.
  • The cron job files are now exported properly.
  • The services can be properly assigned to the groups (Employees Area).
  • The checkout dropdown now allows the selection of times that exceed the midnight.
  • Fixed availability errors that might occur with weird configurations.
  • Javascript conflicts within the back-end shouldn't occur anymore.
  • Fixed an error that was not sending SMS notifications to the employees.
  • Fixed a PHP notice within the back-end dashboard.
  • Fixed an error that might occur after validating a payment through the Offline Credit Card gateway.

Enjoy your new VikAppointments!

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