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Sofia Str
Hello I have the Vik Rent Car and would like to ask you if possible to record different prices on cars per season and number per day. For example 1 with 3 days 30€ in august and 1 with 3 25€ September 4-6 in august 26€ and 4-6 in september 28€

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Staff E4j

With VikRentCar 1.4 you can only create prices for seasons regardless the days of the week.
The new version 1.5 that will be released in the next 2 weeks will also let you create prices for some days of the week.
I think you want to do something different though.

You should work with the daily prices, 3 days of rental should cost 25 € and then you could increase the price with a season that starts in August for example, with a charge of 20%. This way you will have 30 € for 3 days of rental in August, 25 + 20% = 30 €

Kind Regards
Sofia Str
Hello, the new version will be compatible with jooma 1.5?
It's easy to do earlier?
Staff E4j
Yes, the new version 1.5 of VikRentCar will work with all Joomla versions starting from 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.0
The new template works with joomla 1.7?


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Support E4j
the template Rent a car works with Joomla 1,5, 1,6, 1,7 and 2.5.

Kind regards
Pavel Slanina
How can I do the buyer to enter directly into my website your banking data.? Without having to rely on paypal or another.

Thank you!

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Staff E4j
You need to create another Payment Method that processes the payments according to your Bank Gateway settings.

Follow this tutorial to develop a new method of payment.
Alain Paulissanne

is the rentcar component available in French?

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Staff E4j
Hello, VikRentCar is not available in French but you can easily translate it into French by creating a file fr-FR.com_vikrentcar.ini in the following directory:
Copy and translate the definitions of the file /languages/en-GB/en-GB.com_vikrentcar.ini into your french file.
Alain Paulissanne
ok, thanks, it worked!!
Remi Gozlan
Do you translate this component ?
if yes, do you have this file ?
Staff E4j
The French Translation is available at this address:

Please read the VikRentCar F.A.Q. at this address for more instructions about uploading a translation file on your server:
Nara Souza
Hi, how can i translate my copy of vikrentcar in brazilian portuguese? Is it possible? I only have it in english.

Thank you

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Staff E4j

Just copy the file en-GB.com_vikrentcar.ini (which is located in /languages/en-GB/) into /languages/pt-BR/pt-BR.com_vikrentcar.ini
Open the file and translate all the english definitions into Brazilian then save it, you are done!
Carlos Barros
Olá Nara, eu já fiz a tradução para português de Portugal(embora não esteja a 100%), caso ainda precises eu posso facultar-te....
Luciano Sales
Olpa Carlos... Poderia enviar sua tradução para mim? eu te agradeceria o apoio.
Luciano Sales.
Staff E4j
Hello Luciano,

Carlos has already uploaded his translation at this address: is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
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