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Staff E4j
This plugin will sync the customer details of Vik Booking, Vik Restaurants and Vik Appointments with your AcyMailing lists. Every time our extensions will save a new customer record and every time a customer is updated or removed, this plugin will automatically sync the information with AcyMailing.
This way, you can always have your newsletter lists up to date. Compatibility: Joomla 3.x or higher only and only the latest version available for Vik Booking, Vik Restaurants and Vik Appointments

plg_vikcustomersync.zip Downloaded 190 times

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is there a version for acymailing 6?
Matteo E4j
The plugin already supports AcyMailing 6. All that you have to do is updating VikCustomerSync to the latest version from the Extensions > Manage > Update section of your Joomla.
Will there be any support for acymailing 7?
Yves Boisselier
And is the plugin working with AcyMailing version 7? (and with the latest version 7.9.3)?
Matteo E4j
Unfortunately we haven't tested yet our plugin with AcyMailing 7. At the moment, since the plugin can be downloaded for free, I can only suggest to try it directly on your website.

Feel free to report here whether the plugin works or not.
Yves Boisselier
Thanks Matteo for your feedback.
I didn't install acymailing yet on my vikbooking server (I use it on other websites). I will see later on a test platform once I will have configured my vikbooking website further.
Yves Boisselier
Hi Mateo,
Just a quick feedback. It works with AcyMailing 7 and in J4.
I used the attached plugin of your post, but this one is outdated. I updated it automatically via the Joomla update system before using it.
It works fine so far in the simple mode (without the "ask subscription" activated).
I will check later for the multilanguage aspect.
Best regards
Yves Boisselier
just a fun comment. I travel and between my last two posts above, I change nationality/country (see the flag near by the name).

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