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This is the module mod_vikrentitems_items (v1.2) used in the Demo website of VikRent Items v1.4 and in the demo websites of the Templates for VikRentItems.
Remember to disable the module parameter 'Load jQuery' because most of the times your Template is already loading jQuery. There is also a useful parameter to set a Joomla Menu Item ID to be used for the generation of the links. This last parameter solves URL Rewriting issues.
Enjoy it!



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Hi, i have a question about this module, how it is possible to have all items listed ? For the moment i can choose only one categorie.
Mika Berg
"Beginning from" cost shows the daily fee but it says "From xx€ Per Hour" ie. the amount is the daily fee I set. I would like it to say "From xx€ Per hour (or Per Day if it could be somehow selected)" showing the correct price. What to do?
Staff E4j
@Mika: from the main component Vik Rent Items you can set a 'Custom Starting From Price' for each Item. If not empty, the system will read it instead of calculating the base rental cost for one day. However, the module doesn't let you specify a label for the starting from price like the component does. You should change the module default language definition in this case.
Mika Berg
Hello, Custom pricing field is empty. Problem is that default text is "From xx€ Per Hour" but the price shown is not the hourly price I have set but price Per day.
Staff E4j
Hello Mika, that field cannot be empty in the component if you want to display a custom rate, rather than having the system calculate it. What you control from the component is the output for the view 'Items List', not the output of the module, except for being able to set a custom starting from price. Just set a custom rate by editing your item and for the component you can also specify a custom label, like 'Per Hour' or 'Per Day', as I said in my previous comment. For the module you will have to rename or override a language definition because the labels 'Per Day' or 'Per Hour' cannot be modified like in the component. Please open a support ticket should you have any questions as this is not the best place to continue the conversation.

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