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This is the new Rooms module for VikBooking v1.6 or higher (mod_vikbooking_rooms).
Compatible with Joomla 3.x.



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Not working on 1.7.
Staff E4j
@Kekec: the Rooms module is indeed working with VikBooking 1.7. The module was updated before the release of the version 1.7 so please make sure to be using the latest version. All our demo websites are running VikBooking 1.7 with this version of the rooms module.
I have downloaded from this post. Is this the latest version?

What is wrong...no mater which category i choose, it shows all the same rooms from random categories.
Staff E4j
@Kekec: selecting a Category is not sufficient for having the module display the rooms of a certain category. You should change the module parameter 'Ordering and Filtering' to 'by Category' in order to apply the selected category filter.
I learn something;) Thank you, now works.

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