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Ws24 7-20-17 09:06

Problem with date

Hello support-Team,
i have a problem with the dates from the events (startdate etc.). When i create a new event i can pick up the dates and it works fine. But when i edit an existing event or dublicate it, the dates always changing automatically to today's date. What can i do?

Best regards

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Staff E4j 7-20-17 09:15
The problem is caused by the new datepicker calendars introduced with the Joomla 3.7.x series. On April 26th 2017, we released a patch for all our extensions to resolve this issue.
The patch consists of two files for the administrator section of Vik Events that should be replaced via FTP onto your server. You can find more details on our dedicated Blog post at the link below. From the same link you will also be able to download the patch by entering your order number for the purchase of the component Vik Events:
Ws24 7-20-17 11:01
Thanks ;)
Artemedia 5-14-17 06:38
Big problem!
If I change existing courses such as the number of participants, the date always jumps automatically into the past and the course is no longer visible. Even if I correct the time again, the course always takes a time in the past. It is not possible to change the time! What am I doing now? Thanks, Ulrike

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Staff E4j 5-14-17 11:56
The problem is caused by the new datepicker calendars of Joomla 3.7.x. Our programmers released a patch for Vik Events just a few hours after the new Joomla update was released.
Please visit our Blog section on this site to download the patch. You will have to replace via FTP one file .php and one .css.
Artemedia 5-14-17 17:04
Thank you, but this Patch is not solving my problem! When I change the date it always jumps by saving the event to 01/01/1970 - and I don´t know why! It´s a problem because the events are not visible and we can´t sell tickets! Can you please help? Thanks!
Staff E4j 5-14-17 18:32
the patch must work correctly because it is working for many of our clients that started to apply it on April 26th when Joomla 3.7.0 was released.
Only an empty or non-parsable date can be converted to January 1st 1970, so please make sure the date fields are not empty and that there are no cached values for the date format. Using a different browser should resolve the problem.
David Melville 2-7-16 12:04
In setting up a seating chart, I have sections the have varying numbers of seats per row. This is very common in theatres. Is it possible to set up a section of seats, and then REMOVE the seats that don't exist?

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Staff E4j 2-7-16 12:43
Hello David,
I believe you could use the 'Block Seats' function to disable some seats of your seating chart. Please notice that blocking some seats will disable the seats for any date and for any event using that seating plan.
If you just want to disable some seats for some dates, then it is necessary to block those seats with a Reservation, even made from the back-end.
Vickry Miguel 7-3-15 15:57
hello, i have a problem with the payments methods, now the payments methos like paypal and bank transfer dont work correctly, cuz dont show the "PAY BUTTON" its only sowing "confirmation order button". why?

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Staff E4j 7-3-15 16:48
You probably have enabled the parameter 'Auto-Set Order to Confirmed' for both those payment methods. That parameter should not be enabled for such payment options or the status of the reservations will be set to Confirmed before even starting the transaction.
Vickry Miguel 7-3-15 16:57
thnax for the quick answers, but not, ist setup off in auto-confirmed, what do you recommend me?
Staff E4j 7-3-15 17:39
If the setting 'Auto-Set Order to Confirmed' is disabled for both PayPal and Bank Transfer then, by placing new reservations with those payment options, the status will be Pending and no longer Confirmed until the transaction will be complete.
Also, make sure to not be using different payment options for certain events. Another possible reason of that issue is that the system is considering the events as free. In that case, please check that the Price or Starting From Price of your event is greater than zero.
Vickry Miguel 7-3-15 17:56
ok, was needing starting price, ty bro
Claudia 4-27-15 16:28
Hi, How can I change the Paypal button "Pay now" to spanish: "Pagar Ahora".

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Staff E4j 4-27-15 17:12
The payment option PayPal uses an image hosted on PayPal for printing the button Pay Now. For this reason it is not possible to translate that language definition from the .INI language file unless you add one. You should simply change the source of that image to the one hosted for Spanish.
You can do that by editing the file /administrator/components/com_vikevents/payments/paypal.php. Search in the file for the input type-image tag and change the source of the image to any other hosted on PayPal or on your own server.
Claudia 4-27-15 17:49
Mohit 4-14-15 11:09
Hello there,

When i book an event, the current booking time is set to UTC, but i want to set it to " Asia/Kolkata ", how to change timezone of event booking in Vikevents....

My website default timezone is set to Asia/Kolkata....

Please help me...

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Staff E4j 4-14-15 11:58

Sometimes changing the default Timezone from the Joomla Global Configuration is not enough if your web-server doesn't allow PHP to override the default Timezone. Apache for example has a setting in the php.ini to prevent PHP to set a different Timezone and in this case, the only solution is to add a rule directly in the .htaccess file.
VikEvents uses a lot of date and time functions so if your server doesn't allow PHP to override the Timezone, every time a function needs it, it will be reset to UTC which I guess is your default server timezone.
You should contact your hosting company in case adding a rule to the .htaccess file will not work either because that means another restriction is stopping this to work.
Juhaisham Junoh 3-30-15 10:47
Hi there,

i purchased the VikEvents, may i know how to configure my local payment gateway, similar to Ipay88. My gateway is EGHL. the link is


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Staff E4j 3-30-15 10:57
You can extended the payment framework of VikEvents by creating a PHP file to send the payment information to the bank gateway and process the payment response.
You should find a documentation from your bank that shows what fields need to be passed to the gateway for starting a transaction. This way you know what data you should submit to the bank.
The easiest way to create a payment gateway is to clone the pre-installed payment option PayPal. You should copy the following file:
and call it something like eghl.php. You will simply need to modify the three main functions of the Class file making them execute the necessary operations for your bank.
The function getAdminParameters() is the one called from the back-end to retrieve the parameters of the payment gateway, including some credentials.
The function showPayement() is launched in the Pending Reservation page and it should print the Pay Now button.
The function validatePayment() is the one launched when the bank gateway submits the payment response to your website so that you can tell VikEvents that the payment was verified.
You can find more information in the Documentations page on our website.
Roslizan 3-12-15 04:04

I have purchased yout vik events product and it is wonderful. The issue that I have right now is that though I followed all the same configuration as the demo the payment methods are not displayed in the page.

Any idea why?



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Staff E4j 3-12-15 10:00
You should make sure that some payment methods are published in the back-end. Each event can be assigned to certain payment options only so make sure those are published too.
Also, you should check the configuration of your payment options to see if any is setting the status of the reservations to Confirmed automatically. There is a parameter for each payment option called "Auto-Set Order to Confirmed" and that should be disabled for those payment options that need to process a payment.
Roslizan 3-13-15 03:12
yes, I have set the payments method to publish and disable the auto-set confirmed and I have selected the payments methods under the item.

but the method of payments which user can choose which method to use is not displayed.

Staff E4j 3-13-15 10:40
Okay I see. You should not select any payment method from the Edit page of the event unless you want to use certain options that other events wouldn't have. If the methods of payment are not being displayed not even with that configuration then it's because the total to pay is equal to zero. I don't think there can be any other misconfiguration.
Shiyde 3-11-15 06:18

i found on paypal the ipn page.

it is not activated.

so what should i do ?

there is a box where it is written to enter the notification url.

please let me know the exact notification url to set.

thank you

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Staff E4j 3-11-15 11:06
You cannot set a static Notification URL in PayPal for the IPN because VikEvents will generate and pass to PayPal the Notification URL dynamically. That URL is different for each reservation. It is sufficient to enable the Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) for your PayPal account and then everything will work normally. Also, from your merchant account you should be able to see the IPN logs to see if PayPal ever sent any payment information to your website. That's the easiest way to check if the IPN is enabled.
Shiyde 3-17-15 08:17
The problem is that PAYPAL REQUEST A URL !!!

Modifier les paramètres des notifications instantanées de paiement (IPN)

PayPal envoie les messages de notification instantanée de paiement aux URL que vous spécifiez ci-dessous.

Pour commencer à recevoir les messages IPN, saisissez l'URL de notification et sélectionnez Recevoir les messages IPN ci-dessous. Pour cesser temporairement de recevoir les messages IPN, sélectionnez Ne pas recevoir les messages IPN ci-dessous. PayPal continue à générer et à stocker les messages IPN jusqu'à ce que vous sélectionniez de nouveau Recevoir les messages IPN (ou que vous désactiviez la notification instantanée de paiement).

URL de notification
Messages de notification instantanée de paiementMessages de notification instantanée de paiement
Recevoir les messages IPN (activé)Ne pas recevoir les messages IPN (désactivé)

so how to proceed ?????
Staff E4j 3-17-15 10:20
PayPal should not require a static URL for the IPN because it accepts a dynamic URL for each transaction. We use this system every day and the 90% of our clients use or have used PayPal on their sites.
What you need to do is simply enable the IPN system for your account so if they require a URL just put your base domain name, it doesn't matter because that will be overridden on each transaction. Once you have enabled the IPN for your account, everything will work normally. You cannot use a static URL or the system will not know for which reservation ID the payment was sent.
Shiyde 7-14-15 19:06

i'm still having the smae problem and now with summer sales it comes to hell

so paypal send back to web hosting services

web hosting services are asking the following :

- which file is called to make the website update ?
- who is doing the update ? paypal or vikevents ?
- from which ip the update request is done on the website ?

thank you for help
Chris Akin 2-20-15 17:04

I am trying to get the Scanning to work. I have put in the email address in the "checker-in" email spot under configuration. However, whenever I scan the QR code that is mailed, I just get a browser that pops up and shows the details of the booking for the event. Nothing on the reservations changes to say that it has been checked in. I have tried two different QR Code readers on an android phone. I have also tried different administrative settings for my user with the email address (super user and manager). Can you please help me get this straightened out?

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Staff E4j 2-20-15 18:01
You will notice immediately when the check-in function is executed because a message will be displayed in the screen. I think that the function did not fire because you were not logged in to your website with the account having the email address specified in the Configuration, with the device you used to scan the QR code.
What you should do first is log in to your website by using the browser on your Android device. Once you are logged in with that special account, you should scan the QR code with any App and follow the link inside the QR code.
Make sure that your scanning application will open the same Browser-Application that you previously used to log in. Some Applications have their own browser (luckily, just a few). This way you will be able to check the guests in and the system will update the status of the reservation in the back-end.
Chris Akin 2-20-15 18:38
Thank you. You identified both of my issues, which solved the problem. I
was on a different browser and my QR Reader was using it's own browser
instead of the browser resident to the phone. Once I switched that and
logged in with the other browser, everything worked without incident.

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