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Vitor Luti
In vikappointmets component, there would be a module that lists all employees allocated in one place?

It would be so ... I select a location and staff are listed. I select an employee and now, presented his agenda ...

Tks a lot

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Matteo E4j
Hello Oswaldo,

you could use our VikAppointments Employees Filter module to filter the employees depending on the selected location (country and/or state and/or city).

You can see how this module works from the link below:
the module Employees Filter is published in the Home page of our demo website.

You have just to select a country (United States), a state (New York) and press the FIND EMPLOYEE button. In this way, the system will show only the employees that match your search.
Vitor Luti
I published the filter module in a position of my template in the home, through the loadposition {filter}.

It works perfectly, but the result page is opening in the home. How do I open the page as in the demo site of vikappointments.
Matteo E4j
If you would like to open a different page after searching employees, you need to set a Menu Item from the settings of the module.

You have just to follow the steps below:
- open your Joomla back-end
- click on Extensions > Modules from the Joomla menu
- edit your VikAppointments Employees Filter module
- specify a value from the "Select a menu item" select (this setting is located under the "Module" fieldset)
- save the changes
Tara Munyard
How do I setup syncing to outlook or exchange?

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Support E4j
Hi Tara,
Synchronization with external calendar applications is available through the iCal URL you can find in the Configuration page of your VikAppointments component, under Appointments URL, in the Sync URL Field. Please follow this video for proper calendar Synchronization.


However, Outlook doesn't follow the ICS standard, therefore it might cause problems with the timezone of the dates.
Tara Munyard
What about things like Implicit Sync, is that utilised in the application?
Matteo E4j
If you are meaning to import the events stored on your external calendars, this is not possible because they doesn't have a reference to use to assign the appointments to the proper service and employee ID.
Alonso Garcia
Can client write special requirements or notes during reservation?

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Matteo E4j
Hi Alonso,

if you need to allow your customers to write special requirements or some notes during the reservation, you have just to create an apposite custom field.

In example, by creating a new Custom Field of type "Textarea", it will be displayed a HTML <textarea> tag that customers can use to leave additional notes about the reservation.

This field have just to be optional (not required), so that customers can leave it blank if they don't have special requirements.

Best Regards
Would you expand on this answer a bit please? What file needs to be edited? Where do I add the custom field?
Is it possible to display only one month to choose?
thank you

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Matteo E4j

yes it is. To display only one month in the calendars page you have to open the configuration of the program and change the setting "Number of Visible Months" to 1. Instead, with the setting "Selectable Months", you are able to define the number of the next months to show in the dropdown (if you choose the "1" option, the dropdown will be hidden).

Once you saved the changes, you should also press the Renew Session button to see immediately the changes.
Hi, is it possible to block employee's ability to set their own payment gateway? I'd like to keep that option for the admin only.

Thank you,


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Matteo E4j

yes it is. You have to open the configuration of VikAppointments, go to the Employees section and disable the parameter "Manage Payments".
When this value is disabled, in the Employee Area page, the employees will see the Payments button disabled and not accessible.

If you would like also to hide that button, you have to add the following CSS rule:
.vapemploginactionlinkdisabled.vapemploginactionpayments {display:none !important;}

into the file /components/com_vikappointments/assets/css/vap-custom.css
Hi folks,

So far I'm very impressed with VikAppointments; thanks for a great extension! My question: is it possible for customers to post ratings, reviews and/or feedback for employees?

Thanks again,


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Matteo E4j
Hi James,

thank you for your impressions, but you will be able to use the "Ratings a Reviews" feature only from the next version of the program, which should be available in a month. This feature allows users to leave a review for services and employees.
A review has a rating value from 1 to 5 (represented with a star icon) and a comment field.

The feedback for the employees can be sent in private through the contact form. In this way the employees can receive via mail some suggestions, opinions and critics without display them in the front-end.
Is it possible to use this extension to create completely separate bookings and settings for individual users? User A and User B do not share anything and have different services, different configurations and etc.

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Matteo E4j

VikAppointments can manage multiple employees with different (or the same) services simultaneously.
Each employee can access to its service calendar from the page Employee Login which you can publish in the front-end.

But, all the employees have the same configuration. Practically all the options in the configuration task are te same for each employee, while services, working days and payments can be different.
Is it possible to pay out to each employee with their own account information that they input themselves?
Matteo E4j
Yes it is. From the Employee Login page each employee can setup its available payment gateways.

When an employee doesn't set any payment gateway, will be used the global payments, created from the administrator.

You can see an example at the following link:


You will see the login credentials on that page.
Activate Web
On my website - How do I change the "Order Summary" to say "Appointment Summary" and "Complete Order" to say "Complete Appointment"?

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Matteo E4j

all the text that you see can be easily changed from the language files of VikAppointments.

You can find the .ini file of the front & modules at the following path:

While you can find the .ini of the administrator at the path:

To change the text above you have to edit the file /language/en-GB/en-GB.com_vikappointments.ini

Please replace the line 52:


And do the same at line 53:

Activate Web
Thank you very much
I installed the component Vik Appointments on a site with joomla 2.5
but created 1 employee and 1 service menu created with service list
when I choose a day of the calendar does not seems to me the time and so I can not choose, if I click on book now tells me Please choose a date & time first.

I decided to disable the plugin jquery and all the modules that used it but nothing.
I installed joomla 3.0 on another test domain and installed only the component Vik Appointments but the result is the same ...

the test site is www.bicsrl.it
can you help me?
thank you

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Matteo E4j

this kind of issue can be caused by two different situations:

1) the selected service has no employees assigned to it.
2) the employee of the service has no working days specified.

To solve the first case you just have to edit your service, select one employee from the form at the bottom, press the Add Employee Button and save the changes. A service, in order to work properly, must have at least one employee.

While to solve the second case you have to the edit your employee and from the form at the bottom you have to create its complete "Day/Hour Table".

For further information about the working days, please take a look to the documentation of VikAppointments > Employee section.

New feature requests:
(1) We have many "temporary employments". Thus it could be helpful if there is an "end date" of an employee.

(2) Beside email notifications it would be very helpful if the reservations of each employee could be automatically set to an external (e.g. Google) calendar. Thus, our (temporary) employers would not need backend access.

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Matteo E4j

about the expiring date of an employee we will see what we could do.

While for the Google Calendar already exists an exporting function. By clicking on the "Export" button in the reservations task, you can export all the reservations of an employee in .ICS format.

Obviously doesn't exist a direct connection to the APIs of Google or Apple, so if want to show a calendar to your employees, you can publish on the front the page "Employee Login", where your employees can manage their profiles, services, working days and reservations.

If you want, you can also manage the rules of your employees from the configuration of VikAppointments, under the section Employees.

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