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Simon_g 6-12-13 21:15
I am looking a this extension for a client who runs a van hire service. As they only have one collect / drop off point (their base) the inclusion of the two associated drop downs is irrelevant for this option is irrelevant.

Would it be possible to remove these from the system entirely as they will never be used or is there another way of hiding these fields?

Apart from that this extension is exactly what my client is looking for so I hope there is a way to sort this small problem out if possible.

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Staff E4j 6-12-13 21:27

There's a setting in the configuration of the program in the Administrator section "Choose Pickup Location". You can just disable it if your client doesn't need to use the locations.
The search module has the same setting in its parameters.
Bragi Magnusson 5-27-13 19:51
Hello, as can be seen here the booking module is very messy... the size of the entry boxes are much too large. Is there a way for me to fix this?

Best wishes,

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Staff E4j 5-27-13 19:57

you need to force a different width in your bootstrap.css file into your template.
You need to add a specific class for the 'select' of the module, in this way:

#vrcmodselph select, #vrcmodselpm select {

Bragi Magnusson 5-28-13 13:03
Hello, Thank you for your reply.
I put that code into the bootstrap file and it only worked with the first set of boxes... only for the pickup, not the dropoff...
Staff E4j 5-28-13 13:17

for the dropoff you need to ad this line:

#vrcmodseldh select, #vrcmodseldm select {

Kind regards.
Bragi Magnusson 5-28-13 13:19
Thank you very much !
Nirpan 4-30-13 11:42
Good Afternoon,

We have installed and setup Vik Rent a Car but needed to change a part a little bit. After the user searches for a vehicle, we need to sort the list of cars based on the category type (in the search/default.php view) but we cannot figure out where the query is to do so. It looks the results are being stored in $res variable. So if you could point us to the code where we can make the adjustment that would be great. Thank you very much for your time.

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Staff E4j 4-30-13 13:16

The search results are sorted by price, not by category. Please check your inbox for more details.
Olinyon 4-19-13 16:32
I've installed your vik rent car and the search module is missing in the package, or I missed something.
i've tried to add it in the module but there is no module to add...

Thx for your help

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Staff E4j 4-19-13 17:48

The search module is called mod_vikrentcar and you can find it inside the package.
Make sure that you install the right version for your Joomla.
Anthony Ayson 4-5-13 03:42
On the "Car List" - The default amount displayed after the "Starting From", is the "per day" rate. Can this be made to display the the "per hour" rate instead?

Thanks Guys!

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Staff E4j 4-5-13 11:16

Right now it's not possible to choose which rate has to be displayed by default as the "starting from price" but we will include this feature in the next version of the program.

If you want to change it you will have to edit the php code, it's not hard.
Around the line 44 of the file
You will find something like this:
$q="SELECT `id`,`cost` FROM `#__vikrentcar_dispcost` WHERE `idcar`='".$dbo->getEscaped($c['id'])."' AND `days`='1' ORDER BY `#__vikrentcar_dispcost`.`cost` ASC LIMIT 1;";

Change it into this:
$q="SELECT `id`,`cost` FROM `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours` WHERE `idcar`='".$dbo->getEscaped($c['id'])."' AND `hours`='1' ORDER BY `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours`.`cost` ASC LIMIT 1;";

This way the program will read the default rate from the hourly prices table in the database.

You might have to edit the car details page as well, the code is pretty similar.
Anthony Ayson 4-10-13 07:06
It Worked!
Now displaying the hourly rate instead of the daily rate.

Thanks guys!
Kudos for the Great support!
Anthony Ayson 4-10-13 07:33
Hi Guys,

Tried applying the same script on the car details page as you suggested. And applied it to line 29 instead of line 44.

$q="SELECT `id`,`cost` FROM `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours` WHERE `idcar`='".$dbo->getEscaped($c['id'])."' AND `hours`='1' ORDER BY `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours`.`cost` ASC LIMIT 1;";

didn't work the car detail page still displays the daily rate.

Thanks in advance.
Staff E4j 4-10-13 12:14

The query has a wrong car id. This is how you should change the line 29:
$q="SELECT `id`,`cost` FROM `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours` WHERE `idcar`='".$dbo->getEscaped($car[0]['id'])."' AND `hours`='1' ORDER BY `#__vikrentcar_dispcosthours`.`cost` ASC LIMIT 1;";

This way it will work. You wrote $c['id'] instead of $car[0]['id'].
Anthony Ayson 4-11-13 02:00
Great! Applied new script to the daily rate page. Worked like a charm!

Thank you!
Ricardo Cámara Villaverde 3-27-13 09:08
I want to add a price for each extra km, there is a way to do that?


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Ricardo Cámara Villaverde 4-2-13 14:22
Yep, it helps. Now, I have a new doubt.

How I can customize this page? The notify page.

Staff E4j 4-2-13 15:03
The validatePayment function is invoked in a task of the controller.php (notifypayment) that doesn't have an output, it just takes the response of the payment gateway returned by the function validatePayment and in case the payment was verified, it sets the order as confirmed and sends the order emails.
Basically the file controller.php responds to the notify_url that you have set in the showPayment function of the payment gateway and then it invokes the function validatePayment.
Ricardo Cámara Villaverde 4-5-13 14:37
Thanks, it's solved.

Now, I have another question.

I have to create a special fare starting 7 PM Friday and ending Monday 8 AM, is it possible?
Staff E4j 4-5-13 14:43
Unfortunately that is not possible.
The Special Prices are not based on the time but only on Seasons or some days of the week.
Ricardo Cámara Villaverde 4-5-13 15:18
Ok, I created a special fare for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday but when I select these days the fare doesn't apply.
Staff E4j 4-5-13 15:52
Did you put those week days within any season? or does the special price apply every month of the year?
If the prices of the vehicles are altered by a Special Price with a Season, any other special price with just week days will be ignored.
Instead if you combine the filters so a season and some days of the week (the weekend in your case), all the matching Special Prices will be applied to the prices. So in case you have to apply more than one Special Price in some months of the year i suggest using the two filters combined, season and week days.
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Startprogram 3-14-13 18:26
I have two type of customers standard register user and partner user. How I can configure that show some cars only to partner.

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Staff E4j 3-14-13 18:36

Unfortunately that is not possible. The cars are not shown depending on the user type.
Maybe you could group them into categories but still the cars would not be hidden to a certain type of users.
Digitaldesign 1-30-13 00:44
I have a very simple question.
How can I use the vikrent extension with an other template ?
I've just installed it in the admnistration pannel of joomla but can't see any result in the site web.

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Staff E4j 1-30-13 01:02

VikRentCar works with any Joomla template, you don't need to have our templates designed for VikRentCar to use the component.
You probably just need to create some data like locations, categories, cars and prices to have results in the front site.
Big Biz 11-20-12 12:11
Hello. Can i set a price for a rent depending the distance traveled ? Thanks .

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Staff E4j 11-20-12 13:21

There can be three ways to do that. You can let the system add a fare to the total price depending on the pickup and drop off location by creating Pick up Drop Off Fares from the administrator.
Another way is using the prices attributes, this is the most used way, you can create two, three prices, how many you need, with the attribute Km Included for example and in the price list you can set the number of Km that are included in that price for x days of rental. This way the user that is making a reservation for 3 days will have to choose a price that says the km included. Take a look at our demo website for VikRentCar.
Some of our customers chose to create Options to buy extra km that the user can select, this could be another way.
George Varelas 11-18-12 17:08
I would like to ask if its possible to upload/replace pricelists using an xls or csv file

Thank you

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Staff E4j 11-18-12 17:20

No, it is not possible to update the prices with any file. You need to use the administrator and do it manually.

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