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Many thanks for the update! Great, really good!!!

Just a question about the iCal Sync Link. Currently I see only the pick up time in my agenda (great improvement!). Is it possible to add the return time also in my agenda?

Best regards, Erik

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Staff E4j
Hi Erik,
We are glad to hear that you like the new version 1.4 of Vik Rent Items!
The iCal Sync is one of the new functions and from the feedback collected from our clients before releasing the update, we have decided to set the 'End Date' of the event for the calendars to the pick up date. Basically, the online calendars treat the occupied dates as an event with a Begin and End date. We have set the 'End Date' to the same as the 'Begin Date' to not cover the other days.
We thought that some companies may prefer to actually see all the days of the rental in their iCal software so we have commented the PHP code of that function for easily change the 'End Date' to the drop off date which is the end of the rental.
I am going to send you a private message right now so that you can apply this change.
Mark Van Bellen
Hi - I would like to know which file I need to make the change in too so that drop-off also goes in the calendar. Thanks.
Staff E4j
@Mark: modifications are usually not published in the Answers Area but for having the drop off date and time as the iCal event end-date, you can modify the code of the front-end file controller.php. Search in the file for the comment below to find the piece of code to adjust. It's already commented with the instructions to change the behavior:
//End of the Event set as Pickup Date, decomment line below to have it on Drop Off Date
Hamidreza Shodjaziba
I am using version 1.7 of Vikevents
I have a problem to upload picture in group seating chart.
Would you please tell me how to fix this issue?
Best regards

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Staff E4j
Some older versions of the browsers do not support the Ajax upload functions used in the administrator section of VikEvents. The only browser which supports such Javascript functions since 2012 is Firefox so you should try to use that browser for using that special upload function of the administrator section.
The rest of the functions in the back-end, as well as on the front-end, are fully compatible with any browser. It's just the Ajax Upload Progress which is not compatible with a lot of browsers but if you use Firefox, you should not have any problems.
Camera Kft.
Hi, I want to do a Hungarian front-end interface, but does not display the accented characters on the site. After the .ini file upload to FTP the accentuated letter is not visible. Is there any solution?



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Staff E4j
Hi András,
if your website is displaying some strange characters for the Hungarian translation then it's probably because the .INI language file was not saved with a proper encoding.
Hungarian translation files should be saved with a UTF-8 encoding so you should open the .INI files with a good text editor and save them with the UTF-8 encoding. This way Joomla will no longer display unreadable characters but they will all be encoded correctly.
In the Documentations page, Translations article, you will find a section called .INI Files. Please refer to the points Text Editors and Encoding.
Camera Kft.
Thank you very much for your help, now it works perfectly.
Bba Bourg Agglo
Hi, the module was working fine,
and now, we can't reserve any items, I always see : Error, Invalid Token. Unable to Save the Order.
I already unchecked "Token Form Order Submit:"



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Staff E4j
If the Token is giving you problems then you should leave that setting disabled in the Configuration page of the back-end. Make sure to click the green button Renew Session to not have the token being used any more. If you are still getting the same error message then it's because the system is still using it because of an old session value.
Jeffrey Lepage
Hi, how can I replace " € " with " $ "



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Staff E4j
you can change the Currency Symbol from the Configuration page of the administrator section. If you don't see the $ symbol being used in the front-end, then it's because the old symbol is still saved in the PHP Session. To immediately apply all the changes of the Configuration, after clicking the Save button, you should click also the green button "Renew Session".
Alessandro Romano
Good morning,
i'm a new customer of "Rent Item".
After installation I've tried to configure the component and create an item.
After that, in the backend, I have this errors:

Notice: Undefined variable: var in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\components\com_vikrentitems\helpers\lib.vikrentitems.php on line 4730

Notice: Use of undefined constant HTTP_HOST - assumed 'HTTP_HOST' in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\administrator\components\com_vikrentitems\admin.vikrentitems.php(3003) : eval()'d code on line 1

Notice: Use of undefined constant SERVER_NAME - assumed 'SERVER_NAME' in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\administrator\components\com_vikrentitems\admin.vikrentitems.php(3003) : eval()'d code on line 1

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\components\com_vikrentitems\helpers\lib.vikrentitems.php on line 4736

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\administrator\components\com_vikrentitems\admin.vikrentitems.html.php on line 702

while in the frontend under the voice of the item that I have created I can see this error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xamp buono\htdocs\bicinapoli\components\com_vikrentitems\helpers\lib.vikrentitems.php on line 1974

any suggestion?
Thank you

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Staff E4j
Good Morning,

Don't worry about those PHP Notice Messages, they are just being displayed because of the high Error Reporting Level applied by default by your XAMP web server.

From the Joomla Global Configuration you can just change the Error Reporting Level and set it to None. If you were running the extension on a production server then you would not get those messages as they are not Warnings or Errors but simply Notice Messages.
Dear e4J Team,

i have one or two problems. I use fix time slots for the items.

1. If I choose a date in the calender it doen`t send this date to the window for the date before booking.

2. If i write down the date by hand and i click on "booking" or "booking now" there comes the message/ error that I'm supposed to choose the date and time of beginning and end.

Booking is impossible. What`s the solution?

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Staff E4j
You are having those problems because of a Javascript error with the datepicker calendars. Something is causing a conflict between your modules/plugins and the jQuery UI library that our extension uses to render the calendars.
If you are unable to locate the .js file responsible of this conflict, we suggest to use a third party extension that was built specifically to solve conflicts between jQuery libraries.
This plugin is called jQuery Easy and it should fix all the issues with the calendars.
Tobias Waltemode
i have 2 Problems with the latest VikRentItems.

I can't set the "Admin email" in the Global Configuration. If i set an Adress and push the button "safe", the item of the Adress ist clean

I would like to build an link on Website to the "Shopping basket" but i can't finde the target.

Please help.

Thanks, Tobias

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Staff E4j
The problem #1 is caused by the fact that for some reason, the first installation did not create a record in the database table "vikrentitmes_config". You should re-install the extension or simply run a query via phpMyAdmin that I'm going to send you right now with a Private Message.

2. Inside the full package of Vik Rent Items you should be able to find the module "mod_vikrentitems_summary" and that module will display the "shopping basket" on any position of your site just like on the demo website.
The View "Order Confirmation" which is the one of the Order Summary/Shopping Basket is a dynamic page and so it cannot be linked to a Menu Item by default. For this reason we have built the module that will take you directly to that page.
Good afternoon,
I have the same problem with the admin email field, reinstating the component has not been solved. Can you send me the necessary consultation for php my admin?

Thanks and regards
Graf Patrik
Hello. I'm trying to configure the prices for our products. Unfortunately, I have a problem with Sunday. I want to completely remove Sunday from the calculation.
Here's an example of a product.

1 Day: CHF 120.00
2 Days: CHF 180.00
3 Days: CHF 240.00
4 Days: CHF 320.00
5 Days: CHF 400.00

Now, when i'm configure a special price in VikRentItems for every Sunday with a Decrease of 100%, then i have a false result.

As it should be:
3 Days (Friday - Monday) => CHF 180.00(2 Days), as in the example above.

Current calculation:
3 Days (Friday - Monday) => CHF 160.00 ((240.00/3)*2)

How can i configure ViKRentItems, to come to the correct result, or it is impossible?

Thank you!


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Staff E4j
A rental from Friday to Monday is considered as 3 days of rent so in your case it will be charged as CHF 240.00. It is not possible to exclude one day from the price calculation so the only solution is to use a Special Price just like you did.
With the Special Prices, if you set a 100% discount on Sunday then the system will calculate the price and the discount exactly as you said:

240 / 3 = CHF 80 per day - discount amount

Total cost: 240 - 80 = CHF 160

I understand that you would like it to cost CHF 180 as if it was 2 days of rent but unfortunately this is not possible. The only way to have this is by using a Special Price with a discount as a fixed amount rather than a percentage value.
The Value overrides can help you adjust the discount amount depending on the days of rent. In your case, 3 days of rent with a Sunday in between, should have a discount of CHF 60.00. This way you will get a cost of CHF 180.00 for 3 days of rent where one is a Sunday.
I was wondering. Is there a way to change the search field label e.g. from Pickup Date and Time: to Start Date and Time:

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Staff E4j
Yes, you can easily change any language definition from the .INI language files. The one for the search module is the following:


While the language file of the component is the following:

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