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What our customers say about Vik Rent Car

Best Car Rental Extension!

I use Vik Rent Car for several independant Car Rental Agency's under license of the biggest names in the Car Rental Industry.

It has many options, use what you need. Best on the market for independent car rental agencies in Europe (and further away).
If you can use Joomla, this is very easy to install and use! It has also the BEST support you could wish! Fast response! They listen to their users wishes for each future update.
For my opinion it is magnificent! Don't hesitate.
Rental Agency

Great Component

I use Vik Rent Car not only for car ... i find it very good to build scooter and vespa rental websites.
I think it is the best component for Joomla for building Vehicles Rental websites, with a very user friendly user interface and great support!
Web Agency

Vik Rent Car - the perfect component for car rental

I use it for the rental of mobile homes.
The component leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality. The display on mobile devices is also perfect. It is easy to install, also creating vehicles and prices is easy, easy also the booking process and the overviews.
The support reacts very quickly and is competent.
Mobile homes rental business

Not 100% applicable to how we work but getting close, superb tech support

We used Vik Rent for our Car Rental motorhome in Spain. It has its shortcomings for that but I think they can all be overcome. Good thing is that development is still ongoing, the new version just came out and included some features that I needed. I should hope the keep going.

I rent out motorhomes and that's not the same business as renting out cars. So some things I cannot get to work as I'd like to. The functionalities are clearly laid out, fairly intuitive and straighforward.
Hats off and hands in the air for their support. Marco goes the extra mile to make things work for you with lightning speed.
Excellent. This extension is not custom made. If you want that have your site custom build and pay 100 fold. For this price it's excelent.
Motorhome Business

Best Car Rental Joomla Extension Available

I use Vik Rent Car for my client website. It has the most functionality of any related extension. quit search for other extensions and just buy this one.
There is a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it is like riding a bike.

The support i get from Marco is amazing, he answers every question i have quickly and concisely. you could not ask for better support. The email support and online documentation covers you 100%.
Why they charge this price is beyond me. They could easily charge twice as much and i would of paid that price.
Web Agency

Amazing Extension

We use it for an actual website running a car rental. I have searched far and wide and this is bar far the best component for the job. Supports many payment gateways.
Most of the functionalities are built in the core of this component. It's just a matter of having logic and understanding it works, but I found it very easy. Straight forward setup.

I have logged quite a few tickets and the devs has responded to all of the with clear information.
The price is bit stiff, but I can imagine the amount of development going on in the background.
Web Agency

Best Solution I've Found! (USA - Independent)

We are a US based independent rental car agency that operates under the roof of a new car dealership. The pricing rules are second to none and were the main reason I chose this product. There really isn't anything like it on the market for independent rental agencies in the US.
From someone who has never used Joomla, but has a little bit of website development knowledge I would say this is very easy to use.

I'd give a 11/10 to the support, these guys have incredible support and I've given them praise directly in my email responses. Polite, knowledgable, and quick!
Hands down, the best I have found as a US independent rental agency. Huge corporations want astronomical amounts of money for a website.
Rental Agency

Perfect software, has almost everything I need. If you need online booking, get this software!

My family owned and operated rent a car business and I found the software is great! The only thing that's missing is a feature for the client to attach a copy of copy of their documents, driver license.
I didn't know a thing about Joomla, or what an extension was, had the website up and running on the 2nd day after purchasing the software.
The only time I contacted support was to ask when there was an update coming with the extra feature that I wanted in the software. Also the documentation provided was great, I also purchased one of their templates, it was was easy to follow.

I didn't need to pay anyone to develop the website, or use any of those services that charge monthly fees, best bang for your buck!
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