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Module Vik Rent Car - Cars Grid: you can download it from our Free Area
  • Suzuky Jimny (Copy)
  • Polo (or similar)
    from € 11.00
    City Car
  • Ford Focus
    from € 25.00
    City Car

Welcome to the Official Demo Website of VikRentCar!

Please notice that some translations might be missing in some languages as this is just a demo website. We suggest to use the English language to test the program.

Do not forget to take a look at the back-end. You will be amazed by all the functions available!

Feel free to create the Damages Log for some cars or generate the Contract/Agreement together with the PDF file for the Check-in.

VikRentCar v1.10 - Probably the most powerful Car Rental System for Joomla!

Please Notice: this demo website was built with the Template 'Drivers' developed by e4j. By purchasing VikRentCar you will not get this template but of course you will get the main component as well as all the modules used in this site. The extension can be used with any Joomla Template but if you liked to use 'Drivers', then you should purchase it separately from
For a full demo of the Templates designed for VikRentCar, please visit the LiveTemplates Site.


This is the Vik Icons module. You can download it from our Free Area page.

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