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11 Apr
h. 10:00 AM

Laura's Wedding!

This is a free event with a Seating Chart assigned to it. The participants will have to select their seats and their Family/Group Name will be displayed to those who will make reservations later.
11 Apr
h. 11:00 PM

Holy Festival

Event Configuration: Options/Extras selectable, Single Date, Single Price, No Seating Maps.
9 Apr
h. 05:30 PM

Orchestra Concert

This is a large event with a Seating Maps Group that has 3 single Seating Charts linked together.
13 Apr
h. 02:00 PM

HTML and Js course

Event configuration: One Seating Map, Different Custom Fields Group, Show the Nickname of who is occupying certain seats, Single Date, Single Price.
10 Apr
h. 04:00 PM

Marathon Donation Human Rights

Event Configuration: Free Event with possibility of making a Custom Donation.
15 Apr
h. 10:00 AM

Football match

This is an event using a Forfait registration cost. This function is useful for team registrations where the price of the tickets is not per participant but rather per registration.
3 May
h. 09:30 AM

Yoga Training

Event Configuration: Group View, Multiple Venues, Multiple Dates (Friday only) over 5 Months, Multiple Prices.
Dharamkot, 1st St