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If you have purchased a copy of VikRestaurants you can download for free the updater to the new version 1.7. You will be asked to enter the order number that you can find in the order e-Mail received for downloading VikRestaurants.


With the updater you will not lose your contents created with the previous versions of VikRestaurants but in case you edited some PHP or CSS files, you might lose those modifications.
Your translation files will not be touched by the Updater, just the .ini English file will be overwritten with the new definitions. Almost all the PHP files will be replaced so please upgrade only if you don't care about losing modifications to the code.

What's new in VikRestaurants v1.7 ?

Please read all the new features below and check them out in the new demo website (back-end included):

Front-End Demo Back-End Demo


  1. New Back-End Main Menu - the main menu of the component in the administrator has been changed.
  2. New Back-End Layout - the pages and the configuration in the back-end own a new style.
  3. New Toggles - the Yes/No toggles own a different style.
  4. Date Format Separators - added the possibility to choose the separator in the date format (. or - or /).
  5. Customers Delivery Address - customers can own different delivery addresses.
  6. Media Manager - an internal media manager to handle all your images.
  7. Invoices - it is possible to generate the invoices of your orders and reservations.
  8. Customers Login Form - the login/registration form can be displayed even if the login is NOT mandatory.
  9. User Registration - the user registration uses all the settings specified in Joomla (e.g. activation).
  10. E-Mail Templates - all the e-mail templates has been improved. You won't lose the ones you are currently using.
  11. Custom Fields Improvements - the custom fields layout and functionalities have been improved.
  12. Payments Group - split your payments in group, so that you can have different gateways for the restaurant and for the take-away.
  13. Payments Purchase Notes - show different notes during the pre-purchase and after the purchase.
  14. Payments Layout - the payment layout and selection in the front-end has been improved.
  15. Offline Credit Card - the offline credit card gateway has been improved in style, usage and security.
  16. Cancellation Reason - customers can/must specify a reason before to cancel an order/reservation.
  17. Multilingual Improvements - the payments and the custom fields can be translated in different languages.
  18. Back-End Dashboard - the dashboard in the back-end has a new layout and new features.
  19. API Framework - introduced an API system to communicate with external applications.
  20. ICS Synchronization - an automated ICS sync to update all your external calendars (Apple iCal, Google Calendar, etc...).
  21. Booking User Details - hover the mouse above the ID of a reservation (reservations and orders list) to see a tooltip with the infos: booked on, booked by.
  22. Operators Groups - the operators can now access to the section(s) they belong (restaurant, take-away or both).
  23. Oversight Improvements - the oversight has been improved in style and functionalities.
  24. Bootstrap Support - the style of the component should be no more in conflict with Bootstrap framework.
  25. Framework Optimization - the whole framework for the restaurant and for take-away has been improved in speed and efficiency.


  1. Smart Reservation Management - the creation/management of the restaurant reservations has been improved.
  2. Reservation End-Time - the reservations can now have different stay times.
  3. Tables Publishing - the tables can be temporarily unpublished without removing them.
  4. Smart Bill - added a system to insert the food into the bill of a reservation.
  5. Taxes - the products of the restaurant support the taxes.
  6. Redeem Coupons - redeem coupons and handle discounts for your reservations.


  1. Stock System - a complete stock system to handle the remaining quantity of items.
  2. Delivery Areas - define your delivery areas with custom shapes, circle radiuses or ZIP restrictions.
  3. Edit Products - the products can be fully edited from an apposite page.
  4. Duplicate Products - clone an existing product to speed-up the creation of your menus.
  5. Toppings Assignments - a topping group can be assigned to a single variation of an item.
  6. Toppings Rate Update - update a topping cost quickly to all the items which are using it.
  7. Different Taxes - the take-away menus can have different taxes.
  8. Delivery Service - it is possible to have different types of services: delivery, pickup or both.
  9. Smart Order Management - the creation/management of the take-away orders has been improved.
  10. Delivery Route - when possible, the system calculates the delivery route between your restaurant and the customer address.
  11. Cart Items Limit - you can specify a maximum number of items which can be purchased in a single order.
  12. Live Orders - you can accept orders only if the restaurant is currently open.
  13. Optional Overlay - the overlay that appears when you add something to the cart is displayed only if the product owns some toppings.
  14. Redeem Coupons - redeem coupons and handle discounts for your orders.
  15. Print Orders - the template generated from the Print Order button has been improved.
  16. Min Cost Deal - included a new type of deal that adds a discount when the total cost is equals or higher than a certain amount.
  17. Item Details - added a new page in the front-end with the details of the item.
  18. Reviews - introduced a starred review system for all your take-away products.
  19. Order Status - change the status of the orders so that your customers can check them to be always updated.
  20. Popup Details on Insert - a tiny popup is displayed when it is not possible to check from the cart if an item has been inserted (always on mobile devices).
  21. Oversight Dashboard & Print - a take-away dashboard has been introduced in the oversight area of the front-end.
  22. Panic Button - added a button to stop receving orders immediately.


  1. Take-Away Map - created a module to display a map containing all your available delivery areas.
  2. Take-Away Items Grid - created a module to display a grid with your take-away items.
  3. Quick Reservation - fixes of generic issues and added support for all the custom fields.
  4. Items List - the layout of the items list module has been improved on mobile devices.


Download the Update Package and check our blog post for instructions

We have changed the way to install updates. In fact, VikRestaurants now supports the Joomla Update Sites and the new VikUpdater plugin. Please consider making a full back-up copy of your website before upgrading.

Update Instructions

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