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If you have purchased a copy of VikAppointments you can download for free the updater to the new version 1.6. You will be asked to enter the order number that you can find in the order e-Mail received for downloading VikAppointments.


With the updater you will not lose your contents created with the previous versions of VikAppointments but in case you edited some PHP or CSS files, you might lose those modifications.
Your translation files will not be touched by the Updater, just the .ini English file will be overwritten with the new definitions. Almost all the PHP files will be replaced so please upgrade only if you don't care about losing modifications to the code.

What's new in VikAppointments v1.6 ?

Please read all the new features below and check them out in the new demo website (back-end included):



    1. Special Rates - added a system to change the cost of the services depending on the number of people, checkin date, time and access level.
    2. Weekly Calendar - added a new view to see the list of the appointments through a weekly calendar.
    3. Router Enhancements - the URL of VikAppointments can be rewritten using specific aliases.
    4. Checkout Selection - the checkout selection is now available for all the services that support it.
    5. User Credit - after a cancellation, the system is now able to keep the credit paid, which could be used to book something else.
    6. GDPR Compliance - the component is now compliant with GDPR laws.
    7. Extended Invoicing System - the invoices are now supported by the packages and subscriptions orders, which are automatically issued after the purchased.
    8. Single App. per Slot - it is now possible to accept only one appointment per slot, even if the maximum capacity is higher than 1 (e.g. for escape games).
    9. Import/Export Framework - implemented a framework that can be used to import/export several entities in CSV format.
    10. Custom Fields Enhancements - the custom fields now support rules and attributes.
    11. Services Custom Fields - the custom fields can be used only for specific services.
    12. Employees Custom Fields - the custom fields for the employees can be collected to extend the Employees Filter module (for example to search by "years of experience").
    13. Working Days Management - the working days can be managed through a calendar layout.
    14. New E-Mail Look&Feel - it was introduced a new layout for each e-mail template.
    15. Midnight Appointments - the system is now able to support appointments that start on a day and end on the next one.
    16. Status History - the system is now able to track when the status of the orders change (e.g. an status history).
    17. Converion Codes - added support for conversion code snippets.
    18. Closures - it is now possible to block an employee for a limited time, in which it will be no more possible to receive reservations.
    19. Payment Section - choose in which section a payment should be used (for appointments, for packages and subscriptions or both).
    20. Employee Mail Custom Text - it is now possible to include within the confirmation e-mail a text that depends on the booked employees.
    21. Service Mail Custom Text - it is now possible to include within the confirmation e-mail a text that depends on the booked services.
    22. Discount Options - the options can be used to offer discounts, as they now support negative values.
    23. Multilingual Subscriptions - the employees subscriptions can be translated in different languages.
    24. Filter Bar - the back-end views are now supporting a lot of fields to filter the records.
    25. Reservations Custom Fields - it is possible to display specific custom fields within the reservations list in the back-end.
    26. Microdata Support - implemented and OpenGraph microdata for employees and services.
    27. Extended Breadcrumbs - the breadcrumbs module now supports routed URLs of VikAppointments.
    28. E-mail Locations - the confirmation mails are now reporting the location of the booked employee.
    29. Offline Credit Card - the offline credit card gateway has been improved in style, usage and security.
    30. Employee Payments - the employee payments can be managed also from the back-end.
    31. Google API Key - added a new field in the configuration to enter the Google API Key.
    32. Users Registration - the user registration now supports the configuration of com_users.
    33. Miles Unit - the system now supports also the miles unit, which is mainly used to calculate the distance between your position and an employee venue.
    34. Plugin Triggers - added several event triggers that the plugins can use to alter the default workflow of the component.
    35. Framework Optimization - the whole framework has been improved in speed and efficiency.


    1. New Look&Feel - almost all the views are now using a new layout.
    2. Advanced Employees Search - it was introduced a new layout within the employees list that automatically loads an availability calendar for each record found.
    3. Employees Ordering - the employees can be sorted also by price (high to low and viceversa).
    4. Access Levels - the services and the packages can be restricted to specific user groups.
    5. Read More Separator - it is now possible to use READ MORE separator to display short descriptions for the services and employees.
    6. Quick Contact - the quick contact form can be used also from the details page of an employee.
    7. Extended Timeline - added new timeline versions/layouts to support: rates, remaining seats and dropdown.
    8. ReCaptcha - the system now supports ReCaptcha plugin to block SPAM attempts.
    9. Dark Theme Support - are you running a dark theme? The current style of the system can be adapted with one click to be a bit lighter.
    10. PayPal Button - it is now possible to change the "Pay Now" button from the configuration of the gateway.

    Employees Area

    1. New Look&Feel - the layout of the whole area has been improved.
    2. Services Self-Assigned - the employees are now able to assign themselves to the existing global services.
    3. Payments - it is now possible to fill a description for the payment gateways.
    4. Employee Custom Fields - it is possible to fill the employees custom fields (if any) from the Profile page.
    5. Users Billing Details - within the Account Status page it is possible to access the billing details of the customers.


    1. Search - added basic horizontal layout.
    2. Employees Locations - the locations of the map are now clickable to see all the employees that work on that venue.
    3. Employees Filter - the employees custom fields can be used as new filters.
    4. Employees - it is now possible to select the employees to display within this module.
    5. Services - it is now possible to select the services to display within this module.


Download the Update Package and check our blog post for instructions

We have changed the way to install updates. In fact, VikAppointments now supports the Joomla Update Sites and the new VikUpdater plugin. Please consider making a full back-up copy of your website before upgrading.

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