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This update introduces a new map management, some new features and fixes a few bugs.

What's in 1.7.4?

VikRestaurants 1.7.4 includes some bug fixes, core improvements and several new features.


  • Introduced an advanced new way for creating the maps of your restaurant.
  • Improved the tools that were used to handle the reservations from the tables maps page.
  • Added a setting to enable a disclaimer for GDPR while registering a new account.
  • It is now possible to choose the menus to display within the Menus List page.
  • The menus of the restaurant can be printed by the customers by using the apposite button.
  • A new setting defines the number of records to display within the back-end Dashboard.
  • Added support for gratuities/tips, which can be left by the customers while placing a new take-away order.
  • Delivery/Pickup cost is now taxable.
  • It is now possible to confirm the orders and notify the customers directly from the back-end Dashboard.
  • The columns to display within the reservations list now include also the custom fields.
  • Added a new setting to choose the service that will be selected by default (delivery or pickup).
  • The PayPal configuration now lets you specifying a custom "Pay Now" button.
  • Added ReCaptcha support for the registration of new users through VikRestaurants.

Bug Fixes

  • The system should now consider the default timezone set within the Joomla! configuration.
  • Fixed an issue that was displaying empty toppings groups within the take-away confirmation page.
  • The Dashboard is now able to keep the last horizontal scroll after refreshing the page.
  • It is now possible to use HTML special characters for the names of the tables.
  • The system is now able to pre-select the first available time while trying to book a table.
  • Fixed a bug that was hiding the ADDRESS field (when always required) while switching to pickup service.
  • Fixed an issue that was resetting the group while editing a special day for the take-away section.
  • Improved the CSS for the custom fields in the front-end to make them compatible with almost any templates.
  • The calculation to offer a free delivery is now applied on the total net instead of the grand total.
  • Improved the code used to match whether the specified address was already used by the customer.
  • In case the Booking Minutes Restriction setting is higher than 60 minutes, the system is now able to format it to the closest unit (e.g. 2 hours & 30 min).
  • The system now raises an error after entering an address that doesn't exist (or at least that it cannot be recognized by the search engine).
  • Fixed an issue that was redirecting the user to a wrong page after changing the product variation (within the product details page).
  • The available rooms within the dropdown of the search page are now sorted using the correct ordering.
  • The delivery time dropdown for take-away orders now includes the closing time.
  • Changed a few deprecated functions to be compliant with PHP 7.2.

Enjoy your new VikRestaurants!

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