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Vicente Hernández 12-4-13 13:18
Hello, I have the Template Rentacar. I have any submenus but wen i click in menus, this are not

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Staff E4j 12-4-13 13:41
you've enabled to show submenu in the Menu module parameters?

Vicente Hernández 12-4-13 13:44
Yes, I have
Get27 Moravie 6-14-14 16:13
Hello Vicente,
How did you solved your problem ?
Staff E4j 6-14-14 18:39
@Moravie I wrote you a private a message.
Best Regards
Kings46 10-1-14 22:41
Hi, I have the same issue - sub menu's do not appear when main menu item is hovered.
Dagmar 3-29-15 14:27

I have the same problem since two weeks. How can I fix it?

Staff E4j 3-29-15 15:50
@Dagmar I wrote you a private a message.
Best Regards
Perico Palotes 10-15-16 10:02
I have the same issue, menu is not showing the style and not showing submenu, when I move the mouse over the menu shows submenus but when I move to submenus they dissapear
Perico Palotes 10-15-16 10:49
btw, I got VIK Booking and Holiday Apartments template
Kurt Weidlich 3-2-18 12:23
In the holiday apartment template we have integrated a pull down menue.
We named the menue for example "ROOMS||see more", than we have the
"see more" under the menue name "ROOMS". But if we only named "ROOMS" (without "see more") you can`t click to the pull down menue. How can we solve this? is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla!® Project or Open Source Matters.
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